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Beauty of Hala Lake

 2014-07-06    Young    Sights    Qinghai    2937  

Hala Lake is one large saltwater lake in the vast inland basin of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. The lake itself has dimensions of roughly 60,200 hectares, with an elevation of 4,078 meters above sea level. This wetland is sprinkled with dozens of lakes of all shapes and sizes. It retained water all the year around and belonged to the small shallow lake.

The large area of the lake was a region of almost endless swamp. Hala Lake also known as the Black Sea is the second largest lake in Qinghai Province. Its water surface accounts for 593 square kilometers, with an elevation of over 4,077 meters above sea level. It's the famous salt lake in the world, with the maximum depth of 65 meters at its deepest part.

This lake takes its rise from the supply of many small streams surrounded by steep mountains that the peaks rise 5,600 meters above sea-level. While each of the rivers has mainly flourished from the mountain glacier, glacier melting water supply. With crystal water and good watersheds, the lake in the hinterland of the Qilian Mountain is rich natural fishpond and offers moisture and water for the highland pasture surrounding it and a habitat for numerous wild birds.

This region contains areas which are primarily covered with these plateau meadow like achnatherum splendens, artemisia scoparia and quackgrass meadow. It's the important reproduction and wintering sites for the wetland avian community. This piece of wetland at the time was seen as the most complete and most primitive wetland ecosystem in northern China, which also assembled the naturalness, representativeness, rarity and diversity into one whole.

In the meantime, there are lots of peculiar species in the Hala Lake, with 400 kinds of peculiar higher species. It's the home to an abundance of wildlife. The blue sky and white cloud rise out of their own reflection in the water and their colors contrast charmingly with glimpses of the crystal clear water.

A hundred singing birds from an uninhabited mountain would fly smoothly through the smooth surface of the lake. Looked at from a distance, one could look far and wide with the azure lake, slightly wrinkled in the winds and the full moon threw its sparkles on the surface of the water. The birds were hovering over on the surface of the water. The fishes were leaping out of water and landing on the shore.

Hala Lake is a piece of uncultivated land that is deeply implanted in the hinterland of the Qilian Mountain. With the adventure travel activities getting into full swing, it gradually came within people's range of vision. The way to Hala Lake is basically the gravel road and the pavement formed by the roller compaction of many vehicles on the grasslands.

Visitors just have to walk up the winding road through the high mountains and undulating hills. The road zigzagged across many broad prairies and wetland. All the way your eyes travelled over the landscape, and every detail of the scenery was clearly in view. 

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