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Beauty of Mingzhu Lake

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Located within the boundaries of Lvhua Town around Chongming Island, Mingzhu Lake is well-known for vast green woods, fertile soil, whirling reeds and crossing rivers. Mingzhu Lake is far and away the biggest natural inland lake on the island. It covers an area of 6,500 acres of land, and the water surface accounts for 3,000 acres, and the water capacity is as much as five million cubic meters.

It's the national ecotourism demonstration base and national grade AAA tourism scenic spot. It could be the new ecological concept and the regional center of international tourism that gathers tour and sightseeing, rehabilitation and recuperation, leisure clubs, culture exhibition hall, environmental-friendly agriculture and many operating enjoyment as one unity. It is the scenic spots in the eastern area that combines the Chongming personality of water, green, local customs and humanities. 


The crystal depths of the lake boats its quiet and tasteful surroundings, and the prospect of unequalled beauty. The natural scenery and the rich ethnic folklore around the Mingzhu Lake are of extremely high ornamental and tourist value. According to the test data, the quality of the atmospheric environment belongs to the national level. Its water quality attains National Grade II standards in China. The soil is very clean, unpolluted and nuisanceless.

Today Mingzhu Lake stretches some 3,500 kilometers north to south and 500-700m east to west, the bottommost depths of -7 to 8m. It is said that in China today only the grand West Lake in Hangzhou can be a rival to that at the Mingzhu Lake. On the west side of Mingzhu Lake is over 10,000 hectares of orange orchard. The green and transparent water and the red orange garden are recognized as gems of human arts.


Mingzhu Lake had presented a splendid page to the park for its unique and natural lake and thick forest. The garden and the lake go glimmering away into infinity and bring out the best in each other as they blend into a unity. The lake of limpid with crystal water offers breeding ground for many and varied large and wild fish like top-mouth fish, seven-star weever and many more.

Moreover, a large-scale water-source-nourishing forest, covering an area of 2500 sqm is built around the lake. There's a large amount of cinnamomum camphora and southern magnolia in the watershed forest. There specially remained the large quantity of wild flowers and plant and natural vegetation, as well as a vigorous forest and overcast channels, which attracted over 70 species of birds.

Mingzhu Lake is also the area under protection for herring gulls, herons and more. The trails through the forest around the lake seemed interminable. When you roamed along the boulevard, you could hear the chirping of crickets and hum of insects and a whole bohemia of butterflies swooped down upon the flowers. Let you taste the flavor of the sea and the forest and feel the magic of nature. When travelling on the lake, travelers cannot help but marvel at the magic wonders of nature and the wisdom and courage of the developers.

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