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Beauty of Xinlu Sea in Sichuan

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Located at the foot of Que'er Shan within the boundary of Dege County, nearby the smooth and unimpeded Sichuan-Tibet Highway, Xinlu Sea is 98 kilometers away from the City of Ganzhi County, with an elevation of 4,040 meters above sea level. The Xinlu Sea is in an average depth of 10 meters and 15 meters at the deepest part.

Xinlu Sea is the well-known glacial erosion lake in the Ganzi State with the elegant and beautiful mountains. Such infiltration, which includes seepage from glaciers of Mount Que'er and the melting snows, contributes to the water supply of Xinlu Sea. In the Tibetan language, Xinlu Sea is known as "Yulong Cuola." That is to say, Cuola simply means that holy lake.

A legend passed down by generations says that the national hero Gesar's beloved woman often came to the isolated lake resort at the world-famous "Tales of Divine Retribution", which is the world's longest and valuable heroic epic created by the Tibetan people, as the rare literary treasure of China and the whole of mankind, existed only in oral memory among the Tibetan people and was performed using dialogue and singing.

She was impressed by its magnificent mountains and lakes, quiet, comfortable and unpretentious surroundings, and she lingered around the lakeside with no thought of leaving. It was plain to see that her heart of feeling nostalgic about the beautiful hills and rivers naturally as though being settled into the lovely green water and dropped toward the bottom. Future generations entitled the lake as "Yulong Cuola", which is often served in remembrance of the beautiful woman.

Xinlu Sea and surrounding ecology are completed and original. The large brilliant sparkle glaciers drove down upon the shore of the lake and the grasslands from the high mountain with an elevation of 5,000 above sea level, which formed a very magnificent and very wonderful natural landscape. The sea with attractive scenery was encompassed by the spruce on the plateau, pyramidal fir, cypress tree, cuckoo tree and meadow vegetation.

In the background are the fine weather with blue sky and white clouds, the snow-capped mountains, glittering glaciers, warm green mountains, carpeted with soft turf and the gleaming water. The wooded lakeshore of exotic trees and flowers is the haunt of rare and precious birds and animals. There're huge numbers of wild ducks in the lake and the fishes ranged up and down.

A fairly good ecological environment with diverse habitat and vegetation offers superior and unique natural conditions that were perfect breeding ground for a lively and varied selection of birdlife. There were nearly 180 species of wild animals within the area, among which 10 species were under state first-class protection and 33 species of wildlife under second class protection.

The wild ornamental plants resources in Xinlu Sea were also abundant. The scenic spot in Xinlu Sea area has gathered together modern glaciations, alpine lake, primitive forest and wild animal and plant resources merging into one organic whole, and shows a simple and unsophisticated atmosphere of man and nature in harmonious coexistence. 

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