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Beer Festival of Suzhou Garden

 2013-11-13    kenziLiang    Activities    Suzhou    1843  

When i was traveling in Suzhou, i specially spent one night to experience the atmosphere of Beer Festival, nearly every summer, Beer Festival will be hold in Suzhou Gardens, while in fact, this festival just asked the name of beer to attract the attention of tourists and let various businessmen drop by to promote their goods and food as even they are the national gardens, they can collect the stop fee from those businessmen. For the reason that the Leisure Card that i’ve got is not allowed to participate this Beer Garden, so i have to enter into the garden before 5 o’clock in the afternoon, or i will be refused in the evening, together with my food and drink, i came to the garden gate at half past four in order to sneak into accidental.

As Suzhou Gardens are so famous that there are many tourists gather around here, a long queue was waiting at the gate to buy tickets, for the citizens who have got the Leisure Card can change the ticket in another window, without waiting at the ticket window in a long queue.
i used to walk directly to the left side once getting into the gate, as i seldom go to the north garden, cause it is the heaven place of children with a lot of children playing projects.

Evening in Suzhou Gardens are charming and full of mysterious, and it is true that i starts to spreading out its charming sense since the sunset. When the sun is getting dimmer and dimmer, sunset clouds in the sky keep changing the colors, fountain in the square starts to go into eruption, water column forms into water curtain, when neon lamp starts to shine in the Lion Mountain, tourists gain together to take phones in front of the water curtain to be the memory, and they are ready to go throughout the water alley to achieve another experience.

No matter it is the Roller Coaster or the flying trapeze or other playing equipment, they look more beautiful under the reflection of light than in the daytime, even the shadow in the lake is more beautiful and graceful.whatever it is the bell tower or the copy of Heidelberg Castle , even those spots that i can’t name out are getting more and more attractively bright-colored.

The ghost house that people dare not to come into becomes more dark and spooky.
When i left Suzhou Garden and plan to go back home, the curtain of night has already hanged over this vivid city, even the Shangri-La Hotel far away become more dignified and solemn. Goodbye, my beautiful Suzhou Gardens, wish you stay beautiful forever.

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