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Beidaihe with the Most Delightful View

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Beidaihe that is located 15 km to the southwestern part of the Qinhuangdao City, is a summer resort famous for its natural seawater bathing beaches, mild climate and breathtaking beauty. Beidaihe, which means North of Dai River, is a narrow strip of seashore that juts out into the sea. Nature bestows unblemished landscapes upon Beidaihe with a temperate climate, which makes its seaside be well-known around the world for its gently sloping sandy beaches, which provide natural bathing places.

A growing number of people decide to swim in the sea at Beidaihe. The chief reason for this choice is that they consider Beidaihe as an expansive natural setting where they have a greater sense of freedom. Beidaihe is acknowledged to be one of the most attractive summer seaside resorts in Northern China.

It would without doubt be an exhilarating and impressive experience for tourists from near and far to view the rising sun and the sparkling blue sea at Beiudaihe. It may even invigorate a new enthusiasm and fresh vitality into your life. Even Jun Qing who is one renowned and reverend contemporary author, once said to the effect that of the various places, inside and outside country, and think that another celebrated vantage point from which to watch the sunrise is the famous Beidaihe.

It is celebrated for its views of the sunrise. You may well say so. Sightseers at Beidaihe will as a rule include on their itinerary a trip to see the sunrise. People on the spot would advise you to go to Ying'Jiao'Ting or the Eagle Promontory Pavilion at the northeastern end of Beidaihe for gazing far into the distance to get a view of the sunrise and the endless sea.

Beidaihe is deeply affected by maritime climate with a mild winter and a cool summer. It's no intense heat in summer and no severe winter. The air in Beidaihe area is fresh and humid. The atmospheric environment in Beidaihe region has reached the national first-level quality and the water quality of major rivers and lakes is also much higher than the national standard for the surface waters environmental quality. The lake is free of pollution and noise. The city's forest coverage has reached to 54%.

The weather in Beidaihe is ideal, just like spring most of the year. Even during hot summer days, it is cool and balmy here and the water of the lake refreshingly chill. The irregular and smooth sandy ocean beaches are marvelous places that people can enjoy rest and recreation. Leaning against the famous and heavily timbered Lianfeng Mountain, with pretty natural landscape, Beidaihe and other surrounding cities had formed an attractive golden travel line.

Beidaihe is so beautiful as to beggar description. It had become a favorite destination for relaxation and holiday-spending. After the liberation of China in 1949, Beidaihe with unparalleled beauty became a famous resort for senior party officials. Nowadays there are more and more sanatorium retreat, hotels and restaurants available for welcoming millions of visitors each year.

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