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Beijing Festivals

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As the ancient capital of China, Beijing is a city full of culture, inclidung many festivals all the year around. Here list some of the most important and interesting festivals in Beijing. 

Temple Fair

Temple fair is the best choice to enjoy the Chinese New Year of local Beijing. Every Spring Festival, there are dozens of temple fairs in Beijing, such as in Temple of Heaven, Ditan, Beihai, Changdian, Longtan Lake, Lotus Pool Park, etc. If you travel to Beijing during the Spring Festival, Temple fair is a must-see.
Time: Chinese New Year
The Grand View Garden Fair

The Grand View Garden Fair is held very year during the Spring Festival. There are performances and quizzes at the theme of “A Dream of Red Mansions”, one of China’s Four Great Classical Novels. What’s more, costumes of ancient are available for people to take pictures.
Time: Spring Festival
Location: outside the ChangAnMen(厂安门)

Music Festival

Annual May Day, National Day, there’s a variety of music festivals held in Haidian Park, Chaoyang Park, Tongzhou Canal Park or large parks in the suburban, such as the well known school-sponsored Midi-Music Festival, the Strawberry Music Festival under the label of Modern Sk, as well as the Beijing Pop Festival held in Chaoyang Park.
Time: May Day, National Day

Beijing Chrysanthemum Exhibition

The Beijing Chrysanthemum Exhibition is held every year in major parks of Beijing. The Beihai Park Chrysanthemum Exhibition is the most famous, which has been held for more than twenty sessions, showing varieties of beautiful chrysanthemums.
Time: every November

Fragrant Hills Red Leaves Festival

There is Cotinuscoggygria and maples in the west part of Fragrant Hills Park, as well as the hillside around the park, whenever before and after the frost, the leaves of these trees turn read, and the mountains and plains of red leaves are as bright as fire, very spectacular.
Time: every mid-October to mid-November
Location: Fragrant Hills Park

Yanqing Ice and Snow Tourism Festival

Yanqing Ice and Snow Tourism Festival is a relatively important winter tourism festival in North China, and it is always famous for its rich and wonderful landscape of snow and ice, snow activities, and unique style of folk landscape. The main activities are Longqing Gorge Ice, alpine skiing, snowmobiling, hot springs resort, snow Temple fair and so on.
Time: every December 10 to the end of next February
Location: Shijinglong Ski Resort, Badaling Ski Resort, Longqing Gorge 

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