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Best China Spring Flower-viewing Tour Destinations(Part 1)

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1.Yunnan Camellia Tour

Yunan is the first choice for spring flower-viewing tour where the flowers bloom everywhere.It’s said that "southern Yunnan Flower, ranking first, Camellia."There is also a saying “Yunnan Camellia is the best in the world, Dali Camellia is the best in Yunnan”.

Dali camellia cultivation has a very long history.All kinds of camellia bloom from February to May which is very spectacular.Many vistors came Yunan to appreciate the beautiful picture what the poet Guomoruo said “Everyone said peony good, I said Peony is not better than camellia”.

2.Travel to Yangzhou in March

Yangzhou is an ancient historic city and the beloved resort of poet and scholars in history. In March,with flowers blooming,Yangzhou become more glamorous.

During this period,the beautiful Yangzhou city flower, Viburnum, will also be in full bloom,adding the ancient city incomparable charm.

3. Guilin Lijiang River Tour

The most beautiful scenery in Guilin is Lijiang River.Vsistors not only can appreciate the "Green hills, odd holes, beauty stones", but also the "deep pool, rapids, flowing spring, waterfalls".When the weather is rainy and misty,the city is like the fairyland.

Located in the southeast of Guilin, Gongcheng County is well-known for the exquisite ancient buildings, Yao nationality folk custom and eco-tourism project-the famous Da Ling mountain peach orchard.The Picturesque peach blossom scenery is stunning.

4.Cherry blossoms in Wuhan University

In the late March each year,more than 1,000 cherry trees bloom in Wuhan University campus at the same time which is very spectacular.

Thousands of tourists go to Wuhan University to see Cherry blossoms.The scenery of Cherry blossoms is gorgeous,but flowering period is very short, only seven days.So cherry blossoms always make people feel romantic and beautiful pain.

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