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Best China Spring Flower-viewing Tour Destinations(Part 2)

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1.Fenghuang Ancient City

Fenghuang Ancient City is a hot tourist destination in recent years. Every spring,the thousands of waterwheels beside the Tuo River water the field which is a very moving scenery.

The Miao and Tujia people making oil extraction, paper, rice, weaving and irrigation still use the ancient traditional way.Vistors can enjoy a peaceful scene here. Appreciate the besutiful ancient buildings and experience the rural life,people can fully relax.

2. Wuyuan rape flower

Wuyuan is called as “most beautiful China countryside”. The most beautiful season of Wuyuan is spring when the rape flower, peach flower,pear flower and azalea all bloom.In Heyuan,the scenic beauty will make vistors feel the ideal state of a combination of nature and humanity.

Pick up your camera,do not miss the stunning scenery of golden rape flower, pellucid stream and exquisite bridges. Rainbow Bridge are one of the most precious bridges among the large number of stone or wooden bridges in Wuyuan.

3.Enjoy the peach flower in Taohuayuan(ideal State)

Located in Changde, Taoyuan County, Taohuayuan is the China’s Utopia.When peach blossoms blossom in March every year,the fallen flowers scene is like a fairyland.

Taohuayuan is also one of the ancient Chinese Taoist shrines,it’s has a reputation of “the thirty-fifth heaven cave and forty-sixth blessed land”.

4.The green and silence in Linkeng Valley

Located in northeast of Yongjia County, Wenzhou,Linkeng is known as the "diamonds in the rough mountains."The best preserved ancient mountain houses of Nanxi River valley nest in the mountains of Linkeng.You can not miss natural beautiful scenery of Nanxi River.It’s also great to experience the fun of farm life.

5. Meihua Mountain in Nanjing

As the city flower of Nanjing, Meihua( Plum flower) is the favorite flower of the public.It’s also a tradition to go hiking to the Meihua Mountain in spring.

Nanjing Meihua Mountain is one of China's four plum district.Covering an area of four hundred acres, Meihua Mountain has a variety of plum blossom,including pink plum blossom,white plum blossom and others.

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