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Best Gift of the Nature-Red Beach Scenery Zone

 2014-07-14    sonrisabai    Sights    Panjin    2998  

At the river mouth to the sea, there is a fertile delta named Panjin, it has magical shinning red beach, wetland with rich biological diversity, as well as offshore drilling platform. I was never a big fan of the color red, it seems too bold and intense.

In my minds eye, only maple leaves after the frost coating would have such amazing red color. However, the Red Beach Scenery Zone completely changed point of view. For the first time, I come to realize red could effect a person so much with its unique beautiful, only in here.

Red Beach Tourist Spot is situated in Daw county, Panjin City of Liaoning Province, covering an area with 20 acres. Just like its name, the high light of this place is the vast red beach, with abundant rare birds species, creating a natural ecosystem with beautiful scenery. People describe it as “The Only Place Has Red Spring on Earth”.

You might wonder, how come it’s all red? In this flat and vast beach that stretch for mile, there grow a special plant with tough vitality called sea-blite. Every year in May, sea-blite begins to grow with light pink color and reaches to one foot high 3 months later. The pink color would turn into red gradually. In September to November, it becomes brown red.

Such plants are only existing in Panjin city, with nowhere else can be found. Saline and alkaline land is the hotbed of sea-blite, however, it is bad for other plants. Because of that, red-blite is sprawling in all directions and he color would become redder and darker after being soaked with sea water. With time goes, it turns the vast beach into a red paradise. Not only it has bright color for sight-seeing, it is also edible. In the old days, poor people from the local used to come here and pick up some to eat. It is also a life-saving plant in that case.

If you are worrying about how can you enjoy such a grand view, throw your doubt to the wind now! They have a 680 meters long beach-seeing wooden deck, formed with 1998 wooden sticks, stretching from the bank into the sea. Standing on the deck and looking around, there is a whole red world right in front your eyes.

It looks just like a giant red carpet, I wish I could lie in it, this is definitely the best gift mother nature could offer. Thinking about Sight-seeing is too boring? That’s fine. You can find some small restaurants, gallery, bars on the deck. That’s why I like it here, everything is comfortable. You can also get on board with sight-seeing ship and sail around. The most beautiful moment of the red beach would be the sunset time. It is almost heaven-like. Red mixed with a little bit yellow, everything looks prettier. I am even getting jealous that the local people for they can enjoy such views everyday.

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