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Best Time to Visit Changbai Mountains

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Changbai Mountains, or Changbaishan, is one of China's top ten famous mountains, as famous as the Five Great Mountains in China. It is beautiful and charming. There is plenty of white pumice on the main peak of Changbai Mountains, so got the named as “Changbai Mountain”. It is also one of tourist destinations for Dongbei travel in China. 


Weather in Changbai Mountain
Changbai Mountains has a temperate continental climate, characterized by long and cold winter, cool, short and changeable summer, windy spring and autumn foggy, with an annual average temperature at -7 ° C to 3 ° C. Under the impact of vertical changes of mountainous terrain, there are four landscape belts from the foot to the top of the mountain, from Temperate Zone to Frigid Zone, which is rare in the world.

The best tourist season:

Winter and spring: from winter to early May, Changbaishan Tianchi is frozen, and this is the best time to see the“frozen Tianchi”, the temperature is around -5 ° C to 10 ° C.

Summer and autumn: from June to September is the most comfortable time for Changbaishan travel, when there are green vegetation and colorful sea of flowers. In June, the Changbai Mountain Range is covered by green trees and forests, while in September, it appears colorful. Both two months are suitable for photography, picking, trips, sightseeing, hiking, cycling and other leisure activities.
changbai mountains

Autumn and winter: the real snow season in Changbai Mountains is from October to the next April, when it is very cold in on the peak, the temperature is about -35 ° C to -40 ° C, while during the Spring Festival, the whole mountains will show a polar winter scene.

Tips for clothes and items:
Essential items include: down jacket, hats, scarves, gloves, sunglasses, snow shoes, rain gear, and sunscreen skin care products.
1 Do not take umbrella if go to the Changbai Mountains in summer, because it may trigger lightning in the alpine region. In addition, it is difficult to hold the umbrellas, because there is wind on the mountains.
2 Carry coats and trousers even though it is summer time, because it is cold on the mountains, but also can be used to stop the strong ultraviolet radiation in the sunny alpine.
3 Keep safe of the important documents, identity cards, credit cards, tickets, etc. 

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