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Best Travel Destinations to Visit in March- Nyingchi

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When spring comes, Nyingchi will be a sea of peach blossoms.This place has an altitude of 3,100 meters and surrounded by the snow-capped Himalaya mountain range.The spring comes earlier than the other places of Tibet. Nyingchi is praised as the Switzerland in Tibet with its fascinating scenery.


If you come to Nyingchi in March,you will have a chance to see the splendid now-capped mountains like grand Mt. Everest and magnificent Mt. Namjagbarwa. Mt. Namjagbarwa is surrounded by clouds and mists almost all the year round.Only during this time ,people can see its real appearance. Looking from a distance,it looks like Mt. Namjagbarwa are embraced by lots of pink clouds.


Every year ,there will be Nyingchi Peach Flower cultural Festival held in Gala village.The Nyingchi Peach Flower cultural Festival in 2014 will be opened on March 26 with the theme of “meet in Nyingchi to find the most beautiful spring in China”.The peach blossom period is mainly from March 15 to April 30 in 2014 when it’s the best time to go. Peach blossom mainly distributes along national road 318 and the Nyang River to Bayi Town. Gala village is the best place to enjoy the scenery.


Except enjoying beautiful Mt. Namjagbarwa, amazing Yarlung Zangpo Cayon, charming peach blossoms,you can not miss the activities such as mountain hiking, rock climbing and white water rafting.Going to the village to experience the unique local lives of the Menba and Luoba people is also very exciting.

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