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Best Travel Destinations to Visit in March- Western Sichuan

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When spring comes, Western Sichuan Plain will become a sea of blooming rapeseed flowers especially on March 17 or 18.This place attracts lots of tourists coming to see the amazing scenery every year. The northern Sichuan’s climate is like Qinghai and Tibet where the rapeseed flowers bloom during June and July.


Hongyuan prairie is close to Norgay.It is flat with an average elevation of 3,600 meters.Except the general prairie scenery,you can not miss the sightseeing spots like Qiewajingfan, Moon Bay grasslands and so on.Like Qinghai,Hongyuan’s rapeseed flowers bloom in June and last until mid-July. Summer is the golden season of of Hongyuan when flowers bloom all and the grasslands become colorful and stunning beautiful.

Pixian County

Pixian County is famous for its thick broad-bean sauce which is the main seasoning of Sichuan cuisine.Every March,this county become very charming with golden rapeseed flowers.The endless fields of canola flower is very beautiful.It’s a place worth to visit in March.


Spring is a wonderful season with all flowers bloom.Longquan is located at the suburbs of Chengdu.It is a place where each country lanes and hillsides are covered with peach and canola flowers.The air is flesh and filled with flower fragrance,making you fully relax yourself.

Longquan is the famous "peach village",the most splendid spring flower here is this tempting pink peach flower.Compared to " peach flower Wonderland", canola flower fields is like an unpretentious and quiet beauty. 

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