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Best Travel Destinations to Visit in March-Hongcun & Shexian

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Located near the the southwest of Mount Huangshan ,Hongcun is a delightful and charming traditional village which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Built in Southern Song Dynasty,Hongcun has a history over 800 years. It's known as "A Village in Chinese Paintings" for its beautiful views and quietness.

Hongcun become the world's historical and cultural heritage miracle for the natural street planning, buildings in harmony with nature, architecture and decoration patterns and the unique of Hongcun layout.

Hongcun is in the “shape of a buffalo” around the Moon Lake.The “cow intestines”- water inlet lead the Xixi river to the village and finally link with the Southern Lake and with various rivers.It forms a large network of water irrigating the whole countryside.

Travel Tips:

Hongcun is about 64 kilometers away from Huangshan city, about 11 kilometers away from Yixian County.There are directly shuttle buses from Huangshan City to Yixian County everyday and it takes about 30 minutes.You can also rent a car.

You can travel to Mount Huangshan, Xidi, Guan Lu, Nanping at the same time during your Hongcun tour.In addition, wooden pit, Bamboo Sea and Tachuan are also not very far,you can not miss those too.


It’s a good choice to take a peach blossom tour in Shexian county ,Anhui province,during spring.Each March,there will be held the Peach Blossom Festival which is very magnificent.Taohua dam is a dam located on the Xin'an River,in front of the Zhushan Academy,which is named for the peach blossom on the dam.If you look far into the distance on Taohua dam,you can see the spectacular peach blossoms, elegant antique Huizhou architectures and the smoke curl upwards which makes the place look like fairyland.

Travel Tips:

You can take a train or car to Shexian county,then transfer to tricycle or shuttle to Xiong village.It’s a good choice taking a walking tour along the river (Xin'an River).The "Ten mile Little Gallery" will impress you.Aftering arriving Taohua dam,you can visit Zhushan Academy which is the starting point of Xin'an River hiking.

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