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Best Travel Destinations to Visit in March- Guilin

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Guilin is famous for its natural scenery.The beauty of Guilin is different throughout the year.When spring comes,peach blossom is in full blossom.Even if it's still not the hot tourist season,it's worth to go Guilin to enjoy the splendid peach blossoms scenery.

The peach blossoms are everywhere in Guilin.Along with the famous scenery spot two rivers and four lakes scenic ,you can find peach blossom dotted everywhere,especially along the riverside.Bright shadow of the flower trees reflected in the lake and attract fish chasing and playing which makes a very moving picture.

Every March,there are over 60,000 acres peach blooms bloom at the Ocean mountains range which is 48 km from Guilin.It is the hiker's paradise with the ocean of all kinds of flowers.There are pink peach bloom,snow-white apricot flowers and golden rape flowers.

Located east of Guilin,Gongcheng county will hold peach bloom festival every year.There are direct buses from Guilin to Gongcheng county and it takes about two hours.

It's said that there are over 10,000 acres of peach trees planted here.Gongcheng county is the not very hot tourist destination,so it's suitable for relax and close to enjoy the natural beauty ,fully engaged yourself in a sea of flowers which will be an delightful and unforgettable experience.

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