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Best destinations for young couples(part 4)

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Gulangyu Island

Gulangyu is one of China's loveliest island.Lying a short way offshore from Xiamen city, Gulangyu has warm climate, good air quality and abundant beaches.It’s one of the most pleasant places for young couples to travel in China.


By Ferry-Vistors can take the five-minute ferry ride across the harbor from Xiamen. erry fare is RMB 8 per person.

By Air:There are Xiamen Airlines, China Eastern, Juneyao Airlines, Shanghai Airlines and Spring Airlines flying daily to Xiamen from Shanghai.

What to eat in Gulangyu Island?

Gulangyu has the most great some local desserts and snacks,including the famous Ye Family Maci , Huangjinxiang Dried Meat Floss, Linji Fish Ball Soup, Longtou Beizai Roasted Cake, Shouji Bowl Cake, Jinlan Cake, Wangji Pie and so on.

What to buy in Gulangyu Island?

There are many interesting and beautiful small shops in Gulangyu road where vistors can buy local products,such as handicraft works, calligraphy and painting, pearl embroidery, Lacquer Thread Sculpture, silk figure, coloured sculpture, decorative porcelain and so on.Vistors also can buy Black mahogany souvenirs at Piano Museum like Piano Museum where you can buy wooden spades do penholder, key chain, seal box, pencil packages and others.

West Lake

West Lake is situated at west of Hangzhou.As one of the most famous tourist destinations in China,West Lake is surrounded by beautiful mountains and famous attractions.It is known as "paradise on earth."


By Air:Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport is located 17 miles outside of the city center.

By Train: Railway is the most efficient way from Shanghai to Hangzhou.The trip takes under an hour by high-speed train, 1.5 to 2 hours by regular train.It’s convenient to take train from Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi'an and Guilin to Hangzhou.

By Long-distance Bus:It’s very convenient taking bus from Shanghai to Hangzhou.Vistors can take shuttle bus from Shanghai's Pudong International Airport to Hangzhou's Yellow Dragon tour bus station 6 times per day.The ticket fare is 100rmb (US$12).The trip takes 3.5 hours.

What to eat in West Lake?

Hangzhou isnot only the "paradise on earth",but also the culinary paradise with numerous delicious dishes. Hangzhou cuisine is characterized by freshness and sweetness.Vistors can not miss the West Lake Vinegar Fish, Beggar’s Chicken, Dongpo Pork and so on.

What to buy in West Lake?

Hangzhou is famous for its silk and tea since ancient times. You can not miss the Longjing tea, exquisite silk brocades, unique handicrafts and art pieces.The local specialty products also include Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors, Wang Xing Ji Fans, West Lake Lotus Root Powder, West Lake Sweet Osmanthus, West Lake Silk Parasols, Hangzhou Brocade,ect.

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