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Bifengxia Panda Base – Spend Time with Giant Pandas

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Visiting Bifengxia Panda Base would be an inspirational experience that can be a source of insatiable creativity.Like many visitors, you must be bemused by seeing the breeding activities after reaching the Bifengxia Panda Base, located in Ya'an in the Sichuan province of China. The construction of the Panda center was started in October 2002 and completed by 2004. In English this is known as "Green Peak Canyon", equivalent to Bifengxia. Before this breeding center was opened the entire captive Panda's were kept in the Wolong Center.The authorities planned or a second breeding center to protect the endanger species from any kind of possible life threatening epidemic which could be disastrous if occurred.

Endangered Species 

Pandas are considered as endangered species. So the authorities all over the world are taking maximum care to protect the wild species and special haven zones are created. The landscape is a gorge in "V" shape and has two different gorges. One gorge measures 4.3 miles and other one measure 3.7 mile long in size.The smallest height of the gorge from the sea level is 2,297 and highest one 6,467 feet. With lot of waterfalls, meadows and green vegetation this is an ideal location for Pandas as well as nature loving tourists.

Bifengxia Panda Base is spread over the vast areas of Bifengxia.The main habitant areas are Leopard Mountain, New Leopard Mountain, Bai Xiong Ping and Bi Tang. Bi Tang area is using as a quarantine area. Also there are breeding center, Kindergarten and nursery to look after the Pandas. Research Center and Hospital is well equipped to protect the endangered species.

Mingle with Pandas

Tourists shall get a close encounter opportunities to meet and mingle with Giant Pandas in this mesmerizing world of Panda enclaves. You can feed them, watch them and even play with them.This will be a unique experience.Pandas are not dangerous.They are friendly to mingle.During the safari, tutors or keepers will accompany you to take care of the tourists as well as the Pandas.The keepers are trained people. Weekdays are comparatively with fewer visitors. So if you can plan your trip during week days, you will have enough time to move along and spend time with the Pandas.


Frequent bus services are available from Chengdu bus terminal Xin Nan Men and services are available from 07:00 in the morning to 19:30 in the night.It is a comfortable 2 hour journey. In Chengdu also there is a Panda Center but this one is more desirable due it magical vegetation and landscape.Admission to park is restricted with a payment of CNY 118 per head.This include, trip to the gorges, sight riding by bus within the park, visiting Panda base, elevator scaling and tasting Tibetan Tea.

Special Safari Park arrangements are offered for CNY 150 per head. Children less than 1Meter height is allowed free entry and those children 1 Meter to 1.4 Meter will be charged half of the entry fee.There will be little confusion when you travel to Bifengxia bus. Your trip will end at Ya'an bus station instead of Bifengxia. From here, tourists have to depend on mini bus or taxi to reach the gorge which is 18 kilometer away from Ya'an. Nevertheless the trip would be the most memorable one! 

Special tour itinerary to Bifengxia Panda Base provided by China Tour Advisors:

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