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Black Mountain Valley in Chongqing

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In the deep mountains of Chongqing city, there is a mysterious place knowns as the Bermuda in Western China or Horrible Death valley. A ancient poem once went like this,” The Black Mountain Valley, gullly after gully; nice out of ten huneters fear to tread. Hound dogs disappear, brave guys never go back.” It is coming into people sights again as the growing tourist industry in the locals. Now it has become the National 5A Scenery Sites in China.

Black Mountain Valley Scenery Site is located in Heishan Town, about 110 kilometers from the downtown of Chongqing, covering an area of 100 square meters. Want to take a adventure and explore the wonder of the nature? This is definitely the perfect place for you, whether you want to spend a nice camping day or climbing rocks. Not to mention there is a whole lot exciting stuff waiting for you, walking across the valley, sight-see on craft, fishing and hunting, just get ready for all the fun you’re gonna get.

The valley is 13 kilometers in fulll length, with the height difference of 1200meters from mountain top to the bottom. What makes it special is that you can enjoy the beauty of this place at anytime of the year. Azaleas and camellia in full blossom with birds chirping, that’s what you will see in spring. In winter the valley would be filled with white mists, icy water flowying joyfully in the streams, all peacefully beautiful.

Local people have summerized the features of the valley into four words, quiet, dangerous, strange and elegant. Forests stretch for miles with shades all the year round is for quiet; steep cliffs everywhere is for dangerous; rocks in different shapes and sizes is for strange, as well as plantsand animals in rich diversity; hiding deep in the mountain, like a pearl surrounded with forests and rivers, is the for word elegant.

The most amazing tourist spot of the Black Mountain valley is the Liyu River valley. Influnced by the orogenic movement of Himalaya mountains, it actually an earh crack with the shape of Letter V. The widest spot could reach up to 20 or 30 meters, narrowest spot less than 2 meters. Standing in the narrowest spot, you could almost reach the mountain from two provinces with both hands. Walking on the floating bridge and looking down the swift river, with fish and crabs in the water, this could be the best travelling experience ever!

Another famous scene from here is called the Fish Jumping. Every year in spring and summer, fish in Liyu River would swim upstream but they have to jump over mud flat with height difference of 60cm. Many tourists would come here to watch such spectacular scene.

There is a great fall called Flying Fish Fall, all I can say is it’s well-named. Looking the fall from the distance in summer, water curtains in silver color fall over from the cliff in a fast pace, creating white water pearls and mists all over the valley, majestic and romantic at the same time.

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