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Black Tiger Spring in Jinan

 2014-03-16    sonrisabai    Sights    Jinan    2099  

As one of the four spring groups in Jinan, Black Tiger Spring has enjoyed a high prestige since Jin dynasty in ancient times. It's the second most famous spring in the city. I've been passing by there almost everyday on my way to work, sadly I never stop and take a good look at it.

It was a warm Friday night. I was finished from work a little bit earlier than usual, so I thought why not go Black Tiger Spring and cool off? It was a cool ride on my mountain bike, especially with terrible traffic here. I looked those private cars being caught up in the middle of the road, moving like a snail on a turtle, super slow! When I was riding on the pavement above the spring, I could hear swimmers talking, kids laughing already. About 2 minutes later, I parked my bike and paid the lady bike guarding fee.

I walked along the riverside and looked around. Trees from riverside casted big shadows on small winding path, I didn't have to worry about getting freckles from the sun. Perfect! There were so many small spring ponds, in different shapes and depths, but all were very clear. People sat besides the spring, enjoying the cool air. I noticed that many local citizens were picking up spring waters from the pond, better, all for free! What a great benefit living in spring city! Adults were busy filling up their buckets, kids were playing with water guns with their little fellas.

Then I came to the Black Tiger Pool, I was shocked by what's ahead of me. I couldn't even find the right word to describe it. It was a 13 meters long, 9 meters wide , 4 meters deep stone pool in square shape. Spring waters were flowing rapidly from the three stone tiger mouth, the current was so strong and powerful. Now I kinda got the idea why it's called Black Tiger Spring, if you heard the water splash from the distance, it did sound a little bit like tiger howling. 2 meters away from the tigers heads, it was the spring origin. Many tourists stand there and peeked through the glass, trying to see where such great spring came from.

Right above three tiger heads, people dropped down blue buckets with ropes to the pool, trying to catch water from tiger mouth. I thought it was an easy catch but I was so wrong. One minute ago I was mocking the guy who couldn't catch the water, the next minute I already failed too many times. It felt like the current that's flowing from tiger mouth got hands, you just kept reaching to the right side. I took a gulp of spring water after I finally got some, it was so cold! Way colder than ice creams.

There was a artificial hill in the middle of the river, forming a beautiful view with those spring ponds. I definitely should come here more often later.

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