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Boao Aquarium Haikou

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The famous Boao aquarium is situated in Boao town in Qionghai city. The total construction area is approximately four thousand three hundred square meters. The aquarium is a priority for people for purposes of entertainment, science popularization education, travel and leisure.

The whole aquarium is divided into several display area, the tropical forest area, the Coral Sea area, marine mammal exhibition area, rare species area, shallow beach area, exhibition of the sea turtles and shark etc. The total storage capacity of Boao aquarium is about one thousand five hundred tons. More than 800 kinds of different aquatic animals and plants are feeding here, among which there are over 300 kinds of Xisha sea fishes with an amount up to 3000. Boao aquarium is known as a perfect tourist spot for viewing, tourism, entertainment, relaxation and science education. It is a world famous huge underwater world. Here, any visitor can appreciate the biggest stereoscopic tropical aquatic plants viewing cylinder in the country, unique aquatic species in tropical rain, and a variety of fishes. It possesses even the most complete varieties of corals of South China.

Visitors can even touch starfish, several tiny marine species, turtles, conch etc. People visiting the Boao aquarium love to enjoy the dance performances of sharks. Boao aquarium has a special design in order to show the knowledge of sea. The ocean Science Wall and more than ten pieces of plates that used to introduce the marine science are helpful. They help to introduce huge varieties of marine life as well as marine knowledge to audiences. In different area, tourists can see different interesting species.

The Coral Sea area displays the very attractive coral species such as red water coral, Christmas tree, blue tree, kaleidoscopic coral wreath, bubble coral, turf coral, horoscopes brain coral, carpet anemone, princess sea anemone etc. The shows in the area of marine mammals are regular in which there are even whale skeleton. The skeleton is 8.3 meters in length and 4.5 ton weight. Over fifty varieties of fishes are exhibited here. The main exhibited fishes are shells, butterfly fish, lion fish, angelfish, fish nugget fish, balloon fish and so on. The shallow beach region in fact provides people a close chance to contact with ocean.

Boao aquarium can be visited anytime. 

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