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The Beauty of Bogeda Peak in Xinjiang

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Bogeda Peak, with an elevation of about 5445 feet above sea level, is located in the region of Fukang City, east of Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It's the famous peak in the eastern portion of the Tianshan Mountains. Bogeda Peak covers an area of 2,170 square kilometers surrounded by towering dragon spruces and snow capped mountains afar.

Bogeda Peak has so high altitudes that snow and ice remain all the year round. The snow now was the color of silver, and gleamed in the heavens, contrasting sharply and to each other's advantage with the cool world of the mountain and the lake, which further constitute a beautiful view of the lofty mountains and the smooth lake.

If one had been to the summit of Bogeda Peak where the scenery could change immediately as the weather might in the course of a single day, one can hardly imagine that the bright and exotic flowers could exist in such wretched conditions. These white snow lilies are able to grow in the crevices between the rocks above the snow line, nourished by the melting snow, swaying gracefully under the brilliant light of the sun.

It’s, in a manner of speaking, a miracle. After all, although visitors had heard a great deal about the kind of plant, few of them could see it for themselves and it really existed. The undulating hills that rode up and down and away to the far off mountains are full of various kinds of resources. After visiting the peaks, many famous men of letters in ancient times once composed poems to praise Bogeda Peak for its scenery.

When visiting the Bogeda Peak, apart from the enthralling sight that assumes a thousand different shapes, thousands of waterfalls struggling to leave a reputation, what most attract you should be its rich resources. Here one could easily find both densely-grown and shadowy primitive forest and open grasslands as beautiful as a painting. You could even find that the snow leopard roamed about near the snow line. The beautiful flowers blanketing hill and dale made white patches against the grass. The grassland is carpeted with a mass of multicolored flowers.

The Bogeda Peak overflows with resources of every kind, ranking top among China's provinces by coal resources and reserves. Near the mountain tops, there existed modern glaciers. Each summer, the melted snow of the ridge after ridge of snow-clad peaks stretched away into the distance and flowed into the river to nourish the oasis and fertile land on the mountainsides.

At the foot of the mountain is the well-known tourist scenic site, Lake Tianchi, which is a broad glassy lake. The tranquil blue water of Lake Tianchi reflected the towering multitude of spruce and the silver snowy peaks. Its height above sea level is not so surprising. Yet the difficulties of mountain-climbing are very unusual. It is really perfect place for a tour of mountain-climbing and exploring that can be quite challenging. It should be a missable paradise for mountaineering sports fans and tourists in the world.

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