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Bridges String Together Anchang Ancient Town

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I had planed to go to Anchang Ancient Town during my trip to Shaoxing, a prefecture-level city in northeastern Zhejiang, China. It is said that Anchang is a good place to dream

Anchang Ancient Town is located in the northwest of Shaoxing County. If start from the Shaoxing urban area, visitors can take the 118 bus at the Yuanmen Bridge, and get off at Anchang Hotel, and then walk to the ancient town, about 40 minutes. If go by car, please take a look at this route map.

As soon as walking into Anchang, you don’t see the bustling tourists buying tickets around the ticket center. Maybe you will be a little bit disappointed because you cannot a little bit of outlook of old town there.

On a broken ancient stone bridge, walked quickly down the stone bridge, through another simple bridge, then you can see the real Anchang.

It’s no need to buy the ticket to enter the town. But if you have to buy a through ticket to visit the Sui Kang Banks, the site of Bank of China, and other scenic spots. The through ticket is RMB 35, sold at the ticket booth next to the Chenghuang Hall.

I didn’t rush to the town. Instead, I took a Black-Awning boat at the pier and into the town along the waterway. I was sitting in the boat, sailing through a stone bridge, and feeling as if through sections of history, straight back to the early time of the ancient town. The Anchang stone bridges are strange, simple and elegant, very special. Among the large and small seventeen stone bridges, the most famous are the Fuhong Bridge, Zhenfeng Bridge, and Shuang Bridge. Every bridge has its own history, and all the bridges string together the history of Anchang.

Walking slowly along the more than 1700 meters streets, you will see some men are making the sausages, some women are washing cloth by the river, and some old ladies are managing housework in the house, preparing a lunch for their family.

There are arbors along the street, even if in the hot summer, you would not have been baked by the sun; in a rainy day, you can still leisurely walk through the street. The shops on both sides of street are selling the necessity in the daily life for local people, of course, including the souvenirs.

Sausages hanging on the river bank are the special local products of Anchang. There are sausages all around the year at Anchang, but the ones made in winter are the best. In addition to the sausages, pulled sugar is also one of the specialties of Anchang.

You need to slow down the pace of walking while walking through Anchang, if there is enough time, the best to stay for one night in the town. If stay at Anchang, then the best to bring your own sleeping bags, after all, Anchang has not been developed, and inn conditions at the town is not very good.

It’s a must to take a Black-Awning boat if visiting Anchang. It cost RMB 20 for each boat, which can take four persons, but if only one person, maybe the price can be lower.

the arch of the Anchang Ancient Town

A worn stone bridge, connecting two sides of the ancient town

strong incense in the Chenghuang hall

Walk into Anchang, take a boat, through old bridges one by one, and enjoy the local quiet life

People can leisurely in a trance in the quiet Anchang.

We were close to the locals and their life.

The boat took us through the time, into the town.

Someone walk through from the bridge, and the other wash cloth under the bridge.

People can in a daze on the bridge, thinking for a while.

The bustling town is the daily life ancient town.

Sausages hanging on the river are the unique business cards of Anchang.

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