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Brunch Sir? - Best Places for Brunch in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is a great place to dine in the morning, as the Cantonese are renowned chefs with a serious breakfast culture. Traditionally, rice porridge (congee), cha kwai (a kind of oil fried bread stick) or wonton noodles are consumed. The ubiquitous cha canting (tea canteens) in the territory offer a vaguely westernized version of local fare, including pineapple buns and Hong Kong style milk tea.

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Of course, Dim Sum is Hong Kong’s great gastronomic export, which too, is often eaten at breakfast time, particularly on weekends when the battle cry “yum cha” (drink tea) precedes a banquet of snacks. A Sino concept of dining similar to tapas, Dim Sum includes dumpling with shrimp (har gau), steamed pork dumplings (siu mei), steamed sweet pork buns (char siu pau), rice noodle rolls (cheung fan), beef balls (ow yok), phoenix feet (chicken paws), tripe, tofu and all manner of vegetables. There’s also a choice of teas to accompany the food including jasmine, iron Buddha and oolong.

But if you’re missing a taste of home, Hong Kong is as much an international dining destination as it is proudly local. Fusion restaurants, European coffee shops, and British style greasy spoon cafeterias are all mainstays on the city’s morning menu. In fact, the diverse range of breakfast and brunch restaurants is multiplying year on year. The only difficulty facing you is where to enjoy what is said to be "the most important meal of the day."

Pacific Coffee

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Scattered throughout Hong Kong, Pacific Coffee is a local chain modeled on the coffee culture of the Pacific Northwest, notably Starbucks. Outlets offer half and hour of free Wi-Fi, quality coffee, and choice of pastries including more savory dishes than their American counterpart. The chocolate croissant for 17HKD is not bad while a cappuccino is a reasonable 34HKD. Try the spinach and mushroom quiche; it’s delicious.

Grassroots Pantry

This swanky vegetarian fine dining restaurant on Hollywood Road also serves healthy breakfasts and brunches (on weekends). Smashed Avocado and Free-Range Poached Eggs, Coconut Kefir Yogurt Parfait, Acai Berry Bowls and Lemon Chia Seed Pancakes, head up the list. It’s perhaps the healthiest start to the day you can have, even if it’s a tad pricier than your run-of-the-mill café. Of particular note is the Carrot Walnut French Toast for 115HKD served with whipped cream and organic maple syrup, yum!

Brick Lane


This lovely little London themed, all-day breakfast restaurant is a real find, particularly for fans of eggs prepared in various ways and means. With a few locations, including Tsim Tsa Tsui and Admiralty, you shouldn’t be too far away from Hong Kong’s most comprehensive breakie, the enormous Brick Lane Combo. For our money, the Eggs Florentine at 88HKD with spinach and tomatoes is the standout dish.

N1 Coffee and Co

N1 copy.jpeg 

This tiny, eccentrically decorated coffee shop in Tsim Sha Tsui is a bit of a squash, but worth the effort as the barista-brewed coffee and a choice of breakfasts makes N1 a real value-for-money option. A full breakfast is just 80HKD, while bagels range from 40 to 60HKD. There’s a selection of fresh juices and smoothies to boot. Photos of Hong Kong from yesteryear adorn the walls affording diners an insight into the territory’s history. The flying horse statue and bizarre mural, however, leave something to be desired. 

The Flying Pan

If you have a heavy hangover to null, head to this classic cafeteria. Just beware of carbs and calories you’re consuming as the Full English platter comes with two eggs, two sausages, two rashers of bacon, with a grilled tomato, baked beans, grilled mushrooms, toast and a small glass of juice for 110HKD might just topple the unprepared. There are two locations on the island, one in Central and one in Wan Chai, both open 24/7.

Did this post make you hungry? Where are you looking forward to eating in Hong Kong? Let us know if we missed any other great places!

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