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Butterfly Spring - Romantic Place for Lovers

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Butterfly Spring is located under the Cangyun Peak of Dali Bai Autonomous prefecture, Yunnan Province. Like a tranparent gem embedded deep in the mountains, it attracts hundreds of thousands tourists every year. With the romantic atmosphere filling the air, this has become the most romantic place for lovers.

You might have guessed why it’s called The Butterfly Spring. Every year between April and May, many different butterfly species swarm here from all directions, dancing above the clear spring. Driving along the Yunnan-Tibet road about 30 kilometers from Xiaguan, there is antique dolmen on the left of the road, with three giant Chinese Characters symbolizing The Butterfly Spring.

About 100 meters from the dolmen, is the butterfly spring. The water is cystal clear with strings of silver bubbles welling up from the bottom, peacefully beautiful. Someone tells me the soource of the spring is from the snow melting fof Cangyun mountain, which guarantees the steady amount and great quality of the water.

It’s a square spring covering an area of 50 square meters. Besides the spring grows a tall green tree, called The Butterfly Tree. The amazing butterflies scene has been going for ages since ancient times. Poems and literature about the butterfly spring are countless. In Ming dynasty, a famous geologist called Xu Xiake once wrote this in his travel journal, “Huge tree above the spring in April, water bubbles looking like real butterflies, it is such a joyful place.”

As the growing population of the tourists in recent years, The Butterfly Spring tourist spot has been enlarged, with some new-built nice spots like Butterfly Building, Hexagonal Pavilion,Big Crescent Moon Pond, Butterfly Specimen, See-watching Tower and Xu Xiake Statue.

There is beautiful story about the butterfly spring. Once upon a time, there lived a pretty girl besides the spring. All guys wanted to marry her.The brutal devil living in the spring wanted her to be his 8th wife but she refused.Her heart was already taken by someone called Xialang. They tried to fight against with the devil but failed, in the last moment, they both jumped into the spring. Nothing found in the bottom. Only two colorful butterflies hovered above the spring, side by side.

According to Xu Xiake, the Butterfly Spring has three treaseure-Spring, Butterfly, Tree. The spring water is welled up from the crack of the rock under the ground, forming a big pond, all clear and clean, no pollution or whatsoever. Butterflies come the second. In spring here becomes the heaven of butterflies, palm-size butterflies dancing gently, just like kaleidoscope in real world.

Now the 15th of April everyday is the butterfly festival for local people. In the daytime, blossoms opening like butterflies, in the night, there is refreshing fragrance giving out from the flowers. Poets call those flowers as Flying flowers. When it comes to the trees, green is another main color of the place. Trees in different kinds can be seen in everywhere, newly-grown trees like fernleaf hedge bamboo and some aged trees from the hillside like pines, cypresses, plam groves, other tree with nice fragrance.

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