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Cangshan & Erhai

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Cangshan and Erhai are located in Dali Bai Nationality Autonomous Region of Yun Nan province, and Dali is a great place for traveling. Cangshan has another name which is Dian Cangshan, this mountain has nineteen mountains. Each mountain’s elevation is above 3500 meters, the highest mountain’s elevation is above 4000 meters. These mountains drew a great vision for everyone here, so magnificent.

After arriving Cangshan and Erhai, I saw the clouds, snow, and the butterfly fountain. They are just like a pure picture in front of me. The best of all, i saw the flowers and snow together. It’s amazing... i could not explain that feeling with my poor words. But i can tell you, the snow on the Cangshan mountain won’t thaw in spring. Therefore you could see the snowy mountain, and flower trees in spring, and there is an idiom to express this view in Chinese which is “风花雪月”, Chinese Ping Yin is “ Feng Hua Xue Yue”. You can try to spell it, it is a nice idiom. And this view is the best of spring.

And someone told me, there is a moraine lake on the top of this mountain, and there are primeval forest around the moraine lake. And Cangshan has eighteen rivers between these nineteen mountains. Unfortunately i didn’t climb that high, so i didn’t see it. If you truly like the original forest, then don’t miss this place which i missed.

I mention about flowers before, and i want to say this mountain has a lot of different flowers, such as azalea, they are so beautiful.

And Erhai is a plateau lake, there is an Erhai park at the south of Erhai. You could have a big nice Erhai picture here. Erhai is rectangularity, and it is an area of 240 square km.

There is another scenic spot which i would like to introduce. That is the butterfly fountain. Why this fountain has been called the butterfly fountain? I tell you why, cause there is thousands butterfly around this fountain. Its sound really pretty, isn’t it? Then, let’s get more details about this place.

The butterfly fountain is located in the middle of Erhai and Cangshan, the exact place is under the Cangshan mountain and beside the Erhai also. This place use to have many butterflies, but the butterfly goes down day by day cause of the climate became drying. After that, people here had taken protective measures for the butterfly, so we could see more and more butterfly around the butterfly fountain now. Above all, if you want to visit a romantic place or you have a girl company, then you could visit this is the best place you can go. Cause girls like romantic and every nice, pretty and magical place, just like me.

This is all about the Cangshan mountain and Erhai and the butterfly fountain. Hope you all could have more fun there.

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