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Capture Xinjiang Delicacies at Friday Gourmet Bazaar in Shanghai

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We are always busy for the annoying work on weekdays, especially in Shanghai, one of the most flourishing but stressful cities in China. It is very necessary to get away from all the blues and enjoy a relexing trip. A Friday Gourmet Bazaar around Huxi Mosque will be the best choice, where is a bustling shopping market filled with very local Xinjiang items.


Located on Aomen Road near Huxi Mosque, the Gourmet Bazaar has been there for a couple of years, which always lasts from nine o’clock in the morning to the afternoon every Friday. And some stalls there are so popular that they often sell out at about 12:00PM. It is said that this Gourmet Bazaar is like the largest grand Erdaoqiao Bazaar in Xinjiang, even though it is just in 200 meters long. It is such a place with rich western ethnic features and regional culture that it will bring you to taste Xinjiang in the modern Shanghai at the day of every Friday.   


Strolling around the street, visitors will obviously see the local Muslim people, the featured stalls with mouthwatering mutton kebabs and many other famous souvenirs.




With diffusing cumin around, the pan-fried mutton bun stalls attracts numerous visitors waiting in line all the time because there are only 20 delicious buns fresh out of one pan for one time. It is better to be early birds to enjoy the most fresh pan-fried buns! 


As a symbol of business and tourism prosperity, the bazaar not only holds various delicacies including mutton kebabs, Nang bread, yogurt, hand-grasped rice, fruits, date cake, dried fruits, it also has DVD and CD in Uyghur language, crude jade, knives and so many other items. All the food and snacks are athentic and palatable at the bazaar and it is highly recommended to enjoy muttons with a cup of mellow milk tea.


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