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Cattle Gorge of Lijiang River

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Cattle Gorge is situated in the west bank of Lijang River, to the south of Mopan Mountain, standing facing green cliffs from the other side of the river, 30 kilometers away from the Guilin city. Cattle Gorge gets its name from the fact that there're many strange stones including Grin Lotus Peak, Liger, bats and scalpers. There is also an alternative view for the name "Cattle Gorge", which takes the shape of oxen and horses by the multitude of rocks, and gets its present name of Cattle Gorge.

Lijang River with unpolluted streams flowed through a tunnel into a ravine green with magnificent trees and ablaze with rare flowers. The crystal clear stream welling up where the outlines of the forest were rich and fleecy wound its way through clefts in the rocks. The path immediately forms a right-angled bend in the road, and the flow of water separate into two sections, while cutting the river islet into three smaller islets.

In ancient times, the running water directly sprint down the opposite steep cliffs and overhanging crags. It would be dangerous and thrilling experience to take a boat to steam along a narrow stretch of river again between sheer cliffs darkly green. The surging waves are as sudden and startling as the Three Gorges of the Yangtse River.

The great Ming Dynasty Chinese geographer and traveler, Xu Xiake, once generalized a conclusion from his travelling to Cattle Gorge, after he had visited various scenic sights in China: he thinks that the mountains and rivers shape victory of Cattle Gorge could enjoy the same fame as the Wu Gorge on the Yangtze River, and it's more beautiful and magnificent compared to Mountain Lushan and Red Cliff.

Nowadays the river only flowed out forward steadily and quietly. Subsequently, the main stream is turned to the left side of the river, which is now known as a channel for passenger ships by multiple unplugging and accommodation. The smooth surface of the river spreads far and wide with the three islets seeming to float on the river. The hills and pinnacles with the broad surface of the river in Cattle Cave, is gifted by nature.

Crowds of attractions with the extremely clear and calm water along the riverbanks and the beautiful legends about them captivate tourists. It's with a group of seven peaks as of seven fairy ladies by the side of the Lijiang River. According to hearsay, the seven peaks are fairy girls who shine with such a supernatural radiance and had a shower in the river. Fascinated by the beauty of the landscape, they decided to remain here and turned to the peaks forever.

In history, past and present, the visitors that had been there, would take quite by surprise, when the master stroke of nature without warning unfolded its whole incomparable splendor and brightness before them. Standing on the Cattle Cliff and looking north, you will keep the wonderful scenery of the flowing water of the Yangtze River with an S-shape. 

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