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Changbai Grand Waterfall as the Spirits of Nature

 2014-05-21    Young    Sights    Jilin    2117  

Situated in the northern end of the Lake of Heaven on the border between China and the DPRK, the Changbai Grand Waterfall is blessed with the incredibly spectacular sight with a fall of 68 meters and creating a thundering noise when it strikes the rocks and water below. Massive erosion over the years along the deep fracture zone has created one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world, with jagged mountain peaks, sharp precipices and the rushing current cascading down overwhelmingly that send out a never-ending roar as it strikes the bottom.

The waterfall stands out against the jade cliff as of the natural blockade, as though it was white thin silk that dropped down out of the sky into that green translucent lake. Two great pillars of water flow into the deep valley. The grand lake lay deep at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, vast and obscure, majestically looking on as if nature bent to worship it.

Among the fallen and powerful stream of water spouted and bellowed; loud reverberations, heavy sprays flying and falling, succeeded one another from second to second. This was just like celestial beauty scattering flowers, and the rain and mist became more impenetrable. The fine light sparkle of water spray looked more like a thick mist and cloud.

When the rain has ceased and the sun shines, visitors could catch sight of the rare scene that the waterfall could surge onward like ten thousand horses galloping and creating a thundering and soul-stirring boom, so that the visitors could even be heard for miles away. It went straight through the rough valley that made its way through no matter what, thundering and thundering by day and night. At the bottom of the deep valley, one can see a majestic waterfall rushing down from the top.

The swift current pours in torrents over the cliffs of the Changbai Grand Waterfall. A single and furious current carried a considerable stream over the face of a black rock, which contrasted strongly in color with the white foam. Below the waterfall there was a pool of water, not very deep but smooth and transparent enough to reflect, with impartial truth, every image that fell upon it. In the history of mankind forever, the pool sustained the shock of the waterfall all the year round. The waterfall now reaches the depth of over 20 meters in the present.

The water of the waterfall went gurgling on in season and out of season that nurtured all things around it. It has become the source of the three rivers including Songhua River, Tumen River and the Yalu River. The sound of the waterfall shake the ears as powerful as a thunderbolt, as of the fierce-looking silver dragon descending from heaven-very unexpectedly, coming straight to the valley bottom.

The whole waterfall gathered the spirits of the earth and heaven, creating a site of spectacular grandeur! Sightseeing at its best should be the summer season. Its exotic beauty and mythical tales have long been a lure for visitors. 

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