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Changbai Mountain Grand Canyon

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Changbai Mountain Grand Canyon stretches for over 70 kilometers. It is formed by the rain brushing of the ash and mud after the eruption. Jin river flows under the valley, with strange looking rocks standing besides the bank, wonderful scenes are everywhere, almost as beautiful as traditional Chinese painting.


No one knows exactly how many mysterious places in Changbai Mountain area. In winter, thick snow would cover most area of the mountain, when it comes to summer, tall forests with dark shades, poisonous bugs are everywhere, people rarely go there. No wonder it’s extremely hard to see what’s in this great mountain. However, on a random chance, nature is showing the locals a special spot of the mountain-the Grand Canyon.


The widest spot of the canyon is around 300 meters, yet the narrowest spot is only a few meters. Its vertical depth is as deep as 150 meters. This is a canyon with spectacular sceneries, with green trees and different kind mushrooms growing on both sides, creating a calm yet vibrant color under the valley.

It is amazing to see such wonderland deep inside the Changbai mountain. In Floating stone scenery zone, tourists can see tons of stones with strange shape. They are not real floating stones, just the shapes seem like it. In 1199 AD, Changbai mountain went through a horrible eruption and pyroclastic flows filled the canyon. Because the canyon was about 19 kilometers away from the crater, when the pyroclastic flew to the canyon, the temperature gradually cooled off, from 1000 degrees to 600-700 degrees. After 808 years of brushing and erosion, some hard pyroclastic turned into floating stones.

Every rock has its own shape, some is like crescent, some is like a rooster, some like camel, some like buddha, such an awesome natural rock library. With vivid names given by the locals, those rocks seem more real, such as Five Fingers Peak, Eva Peak, The Great Wall Peak, Castle Peak, phoenix peak and others. If you think that is all, then you are way wrong. There are also some rocks with lifelike animal shape, someone make this speculation that this is might the northernmost dinosaurs fossil left on Asian Continent.

There is an interesting tree called Auspicious Tree, tourists are allowed to tie a red ribbon to the branches and pray for their family and friends. Some people like to call here The love Valley. Legend has it that this was the place for fairies having romance with their loved ones. True or not, no one knows. But it indeed adds a touch of mystery to this special place. According tot he records, research team once found some strange footprint in this area.

The most unbelievable part was a line of footprint found on a steep rock. It didn’t look like human cuz every footprint was about one meters long, it must be a giant man! Or on a slight change it might be some trace left by aliens.

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