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Changbai Mountain Photography

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As a photographer, you are on the road looking for the breathtaking scenery always. So do I, even I'm just a reporter not a photographer. But i love to go travel with my camera, and remember all the perfect timing and places with my camera.

Changbai Mountain is a famous place for sightseeing, this place has extraordinary view. Therefore a lot painter and photographer visit this place for creation or searching for the inspiration.

The formation of the Changbai Mountain has a quite long period time in the history. I heard that before two billion years before, this place had earth’s crust change. And the Changbai Mountain is a volcano which will be an outburst ( before you go, please check the guide tips. Just in case this volcano won’t get outburst). And these volcano lava and others stuff have formed a taper volcano. And in the middle of the volcano, there is a lake, people called the Tianchi or the Heaven Pool.

In mainland of China, the Baiyun mountain has 2691 meters altitude, it is the highest mountain in the Northeast of mainland China. This picture below was taking in the viewing deck of the Changbai mountain road.

Changbai mountain is divided into three parts, which are the North slope, the West slope and the South slope. The flower sea is really beautiful around June to July every year, but the forest is not bad too and the best time for visit is around July to August. In autumn, we could see the golden leaves are everywhere.

But the most important part is taking the picture of the Heaven Pool. I suggest you to use the wide-angle lens for the Heaven Pool, the wide-angle lens would show a spectacular Tianchi. The F11 aperture is the best choice i think, this aperture could respond the exposure accurate. Please check the picture which i took below. By the way, you need to take glasses when you visit the Heaven Pool, or the cinerite will get into your eyes.

Next is the leaves, change the color temperature around to 9000 K or you could switch the “ white balance” into “ shadow”. This could show us a warming color.... Check the picture below! And of course you could use the largest aperture to shoot the details of the leaves ( frontlighting and backlight both are ok ).

Anyone photographer knows that you could not sleep that longer if you want to take some gorgeous picture. The pretty scenery is showing in the morning and evening basically, then i need to get up earlier and prepare of everything well. The angle of the sun in the morning and evening is more lower, it is not like the afternoon sun. The sun is shining tenderly on the ground, then we could use our camera to keep this tender in our memory as long as you want, check the picture below, it is so wonderful.

Anyway, this is a great experience. Hope i would visit one more time in the future.

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