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Changbaishan - The Natural Reserve

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Changbai Mountains are the national reserve spread of over 2,000 square kilometers located between China and North Korea border.This volcanic mountain range is situated in the Jilin Province of China, which is Yanbian Korea Autonomous Prefecture. As the name suggested the mountain ranges are spread on China and North Korea. In Chinese this mountain is known as Changbai Shan which means Perpetually White Mountain.There is a large crater like Lake known as Lake Tianchi, obviously formed some 2 million years ago is believed to be formed after a volcanic eruption and there is every reason to believe the fact.

Today this mountain is under UNESCO's Man and Biosphere Program and the area is home for one of the biggest botanical garden and natural zoo.Officially this place is known as ChangbaiMountains National Reserve.Hot springs, waterfalls, Aerial Park, kaleidoscopicsceneries make the spot one of the most sought after tourist destination in China.

The Origins of Three Rivers 

The three rivers; Tumen, Songhua and Yalu are flowing from this lake. The flora and fauna of the mountain region is truly amazing visual treat. There are more than 300 medicinal plants and more than 80 types of trees, add up the botanical importance of the wild forest. Around 8,000 square kilometer of mountain range is having thick virgin forests.There are several peaks and more than 16 peaks are 2,500 feet above the sea level. The highest peak is Batou, which is 1,691 feet above sea level. The Changbai waterfall in the mountain ridges is considered as the tallest waterfall in a volcanic mountain.

Hot Spring 

Nature’s surprises are unfolded in front you in its full beauty once you truck deep in to the mountain gorge. The Hot Springs, which is spread of over thousand square meters, it explodes in front of you everything like a beautiful bride. The springs have different temperatures.The spring temperature sometimes reaches to 82 degree Celsius.The water has lot of sulfur content and is good for bydropathic bath. The spring lies north to the Tianchi Lake.

Tianchi Lake 

Tianchi Lake or Heavenly Lake is the surprise gift waiting for tourists on the Peak of Baitou Mountain. This is the tallest peak among Changbai Mountains and spread between China and North Korea.Part of the lake belongs to North Korea.Therefore tourist cannot take a full circle lake expedition.

Changbai Mountain Waterfall

Changbai Mountain fall is a treat for your eyes!This waterfall is 1,250 feet above the sea level.The length of the waterfall is 68 meters and very inspirational to change your mood. This is really one of the mysticfeatures of nature.


Tourists can reach to this location via Tonghua by train from Changchun. Non - Chinese tourists can travel here throughBaihe. Bus journey can be taken from Yanji. There are frequent bus services from Baihe to Chang Bai Shan.From the bus station, which is a switching station, passengers shall be taken by Sports Utility Vehicle to Hot Spring Base in the mountain. There is lot of small air ports constructed surrounding Changbai Mountain make the trip easier for tourists willing to fly down.Cities like, Changchun, Tonghua, Jilin and Yanji have small airports. Out of these cities Yanji is very close the Mountain range from here 4 hours journey will take you to the mountain entrance.Truly, tourists will be having one of the best experience in their

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