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Changsha Food Heaven

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Changsha has an extremely famous food street, and there was a temple which offers super awesome local food specialities, this temple is the Fiery Palace. In Changsha, there is no one won’t know this place. It is located in the Pozi street of Changsha city center, the Pozi street is a famous local food street and this street is next to the Wuyi Square.

The Fiery Palace is just like the Footbridge of Beijing, the Town God's Temple of Shanghai and the Confucius Temple of Nanjing. It represents the local food culture, the god of cookery visit this street very normal.

You will notice this place is full everyday by a visit, and there are a lot of people waiting for seats, basically you have to take 30 minutes of waiting in season.

If you want to taste every kind of local snack, then you got taken a half month almost for the records. Even the Fiery Palace has so many kinds of snack, but the classic one is not changing always, such as stinky tofu ( this food smells very badly, but taste good. You need to take some guts to eat this, a lot of people fear to eat this food, because it smells bad really.), Ba Baoguofan, Zimei Tuanzi and Mao's Home Style Braised Pork etc...

Order food in this place is a little bit different than the other place. There is a lot of waitress, they are taking the small car with a lot of dishes to go around the seats. If you saw something nice, then you could ask her to stop, then you could pick your dish. No need to wait any longer, this is the most wonderful place...

In 1958, the Chairman Mao ( He is an outstanding leader and militarist, he was born in a poor family. But he created the republic of China in such poor time, every Chinese respects him so much) visited the Fiery Palace for tasting the stinky tofu. By the way, the Chairman Mao is a Hunanese and the Xiangtan city is his hometown which near by the Changsha city. He said that the stinky tofu smells very badly, but taste awesome also, and the Chairman Mao’s dishes in 12th April, 1958 has been called the “ Zhuxi Yan”. Therefore the Fiery Palace is keeping the original dishes still, you may could have a try the Zhuxi Yan if you visit this place.

And the native service is really good, you know, the Hunan food is super spicy. If you are not a spicy person, then I guess you will get fired there. But they have some native drinks, this drink could reduce the spicy for you and taste very good also.

In addition, the Fiery Palace is an old architecture, which built in the Qing dynasty (1747). And this Palace was a temple for people to pray for blessing, then this place has a lot people to visit. Then it became a place for food...

If you are a foodie, then you do really could not miss this place. It is worth to visit...

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