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Charming Gouya Natural Scenic Spot

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Gouya natural scenic spot is located near 110 State Road, Desheng entrance at the Ming Tombs, Changping district in Beijing, only 40 km away from downtown of Beijing. The nature reserve itself has dimensions of roughly 6,411 acres, with 8 valleys, 9 mountains and 22 mountain summits. Its main peak Ziji Peak rises to a height of over 1,670 meters.

There's the cliff in the deep valley, the valley at the foot of the cliff; the valleys are interlinked, the cliffs face each other across the valley. Gouya began in the area large-scale construction of new buildings and temples since the middle of the Yuan Dynasty. There were 72 temples of all sizes in the prosperous Ming and Qing dynasties. Gouya is the well-known Taoist resort in the north of China.

Gouya natural scenic spot boasts its unusual sites that are perfect combination of Taoism culture and beautiful natural scenery with high mountains, fine scenery, dangerous road and many temples. Historically, the eight scenic sights of Gouya is famous throughout the capital, which is also the tourist resort for high officials and main ministers as well as men of literature and writings to escape sweltering heat and go sightseeing.

Gouya historical spot opening up to the outside world provides people with the ideal scenic sightseeing attraction where people can take complete relaxation in the embrace of nature, go for an outing and recreation and take a leisure vacation. Meanwhile, the scenic spot also offers a series of sightseeing amusement travel projects including fishing with a rustic charm of its own, enjoying bamboo rafting, picking in season and featured summer camp.

The most great scene inside is the Ruifeng mountain cottage where is built high middle-and-low grade living accommodations, it also provides the snack, homely meal, peasant food always available in the mountainous and semi mountainous rural areas, as well as tourist food, stationery and souvenirs for human consumption.

With beautiful natural environment, very high vegetation coverage and various sorts of old tree and famous wood species, enlightened place of marvelous flowers and rare plants, the slope covered with wild fruits and delicacies from the mountains, all of these constitute the beauty of the place. The thick woods among the green for many miles around constitute the colorful forest landscape environment.

On entering the scenic spot, on all sides, wherever the eye turned, nothing met it but undulating hills, steep ravine and bowery maze shaped like a person intending to climb over. When you reached the middle of the hill, the landscape will get more stunning in deep elegant seclusion. You can see the peaks rising one after another, the gentle slopes of the hill clad with trees, peculiar pieces of stone and the babbling brooks. You might be amazed by the otherworldly and quaint style of fairyland.

Though the ancestral temples in Gouya natural scenic spot were terribly destroyed owing to their long-standing history and upheaval, historical and cultural relics were still preserved today, its unique natural views still displayed the appealing charm. 

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