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Charming Guilin Hongxi Scenic Spot

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Guilin Hongxi Scenic Spot is located in the Hongxi original eco-tourism area in Zhongyong Township of Lingui County to the western suburbs of Guilin city. Within the scenic beauty of many spectacular waterfalls and secluded limpid pools, grotesque stones of a brook, luxuriant strange trees and gigantic old creepers around the beauty spot, there're some self-pitying wild flowers at the edge of a pond, which could bring out the best in each other with the waterfall and rock as they blend into a unity.

The scenic area belongs to the subtropical original forestry region, with fresh and sweet air, pure water, romantic and fantastic trees, particularly good creeper, small bridges and waterfalls, which could form the unique poetical ecological landscape, as if you had been in rare natural Oxygen bar. The stones of a brook inside the scenic spot are mostly dark-red enameled rocks.

Red stream, beautiful pond, lovely waterfall, queer stones, strange trees and old creeper are the six wonders of the red stream. The stones of Red stream are very bright red beyond compare in the bright sun. The crystal stream and the stream scenes are brightly colored, which is the colorful stream in Guilin and also the first colorful stream in China.

The resort's extensive facilities inside Hongxi mountain cottage include a large fully equipped parking lot, fishpond, swimming pool, barbecue, department store, dining room and hotels. The thriving mountainous spring, pure and healthy air, Red stream cool in summer and warm in winter is an ideal place for vacationers to go sightseeing and go to summer resorts for holiday.

Guilin Hongxi Scenic Spot as the example of Guilin waterfalls, the original and romantic aquatic forest park in China, with the reputation of the unique colorful stream, got its name because the stones of the stream are brilliant red dark brown rocks in water and sunshine. The water in the Hong stream is very clear. Part of milky yellow stones of the stream is lightly golden in color. Therefore, Guilin Hongxi Scenic Spot got another name as the golden stream.

Red Stream with nearly 10,000 hectares of ecological water resource protection forests had the strange vivid stone landscapes. Of greater significance, was that the stream had the natural combination of strange creepers, bamboo grove and the pasture, which had created the Chinese rare, original and romantic aquatic forest park. Red Stream is blessed with many waterfalls of a pretty design.

Among which the golden waterfall in Red stream is the largest one above all. The current is running from the sheer cliffs and green trees, flowing through multi-layer rocks with elaborating and exquisite structure, lightness and slowing, or the swift current rushing down from the cliff.

Tier upon tier of multi-layer waterfalls had the partial exquisiteness, the whole imposing and magnificent grandeur. The waterfall is usually silver gray in color. There're many creepers inside the Hongxi Scenic Spot, which are seen everywhere. The forest was covered with old creepers. The beauty spot is the world of creepers and a sea of creepers. 

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