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Charming Lisha Ecological Garden

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Lisha Ecological Garden is situated in the southern part of Zhujiajian Island. The scenic sights within the beauty spot are harmonious combinations of sandy beach, Lianying Garden, estate, fishing village and Yuanyang rock that complement and set each other off. The sandy beach in Lisha is also very soft and gentle beach, which is well suited to paddle at the beach.

There was the mastic forest for hundreds of years on the other shore a way ahead, with the old and vigorous trunk, fine chestnut trees huge and spreading. These mastic trees could blot out the sky and cover the sun with green and luxuriant foliage. At the entrance of Lisha Ecological Garden is the large-scale open chess with 15.8 meters in length, 14.3 meters in width and the diameter of a chess piece about 1.2 meters.

Visitors could propel the chess pieces on the large-scale chessboard to display your chess skills. There're a wide variety of leisure amenities in the garden like climbing along the logs, bamboo maze, hammock and leisured tea room. Turn south from Qiansha and cross one small mountain spur, or walk through one underground cave, and go towards along one small stream among these pines after several turns and soon you could now come to Lisha.

Lisha was also called Liqiaosha, which got its name because it was located at Liqiao village. The beach is approximately 730 meters in length, 170 meters in width. The sandwort forest growing between Lisha and Liqiaosha had the branches extending consist with its back to the sea, since that the sea breeze in a long term of years sprang up continually, shaped like the sails on the boat.

The ecological garden had the blaze of fame with each passing year with its unique natural scenery of ancient forest and lush trees creeping along the green vine, which had long been known as rare natural Oxygen Bar. Each year as spring turns into summer, everything there is just like a patch of dense smoke, the sea breeze blowing from the mouth, the green rolling on the ground.

The marine fog is soon barreling in. The whole sand dunes are also displaying three different colors including yellow, green and white. Linked with the deep blue sea in front and acres of thick camphor woods, the entire sand dunes could constitute a natural, colorful and splendid picture of water, sea and gentle beaches. This must be accounted one of the more ludicrous phenomena of the woods by the beach in Zhujiajian Island.

Here the beauty spot could estrange the visitors from the uproarious modern city, embrace the nature and experience its rustic tranquility. Depending on historical records, the Baosheng Temple set up in Emperor Tianfu of the Later Jin Dynasty becomes a busy and crowded place of worship for Buddhists during the Yuan dynasty.

Buddhists and enthusiast offered incense at the temple, which had gradually became the largest-scale temple on Mount Putuo. Lisha Ecological Garden with majestic natural scenery and abundant historical relics is a magnet for visitors. 

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