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Charming Liuchun Lake Scenic Spot

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Liuchun Lake also known as Lvcong Lake is located within the territory of Miaoxia Township, Longyou County, Zhejiang Province. As the highest peak in Longyou, Lvcong Lake with the altitude of 1,390.5 meters and covering about 7 square kilometers. There is a most enchanting sight of the stone pillars with its majestic and precipitous appeal.

With overlapping steep peaks, the green-carpeted breathing scenic spot is a good place for various wild animals to live and inhabit. In olden days, Lvcong Lake is regarded as the real land of hidden dragons and sleeping tigers. The summit of the mountain is nearly lost in the cloud and mist all the year around. Below the high peak that stretches out before me I can vaguely see the peaceful landscape in the distance between the mist and the clouds.

It has an average annual temperature ranging between 10 and 11 degrees Celsius and a total rainfall of 2,400 millimeters in such a good climate, the soil at the top of the mountain is rich in P and K elements, which is vulgarly referred to as the highly fertile incense ash soil. Lvcong Lake is prolific in the production of medicinal herbs that are a precious wealth used for a long history in our country for Chinese people.

In the lake are also grown on a variety of wild vegetables including grass leaf dry-lily, green pea, watercress, Malan flower and many more. Liuchun Lake reserves the most original natural forest, below 800 meters above the sea level is thick forest and tall bamboos, a sea of bamboo stretched as far as the eye could see; while above 800 meters is many shrubbery and trees including Schima superba, rhododendron dauricum and others.

Here you could also see many of the famous wood including yewlike evergreen trees and shrubs of eastern Asia having large seeds enclosed in a fleshy envelope. There was a steaming mist in all the hollows all year round, the sweet scents of the steaming mist rose all around the scenic spot. The diverse habitat and vegetation, relatively appropriate living conditions and climatic environment could really offer a perfect breeding ground for a lively and varied selection of wild animals with high appreciative value.

Lvcong Lake is a scenic area blessed with abundant spring resources. The mountain spring could flow all the year round. As the source of Zhexi River, the cool water of the lake tastes both mellow and sweet and also contains rich diversified minerals and trace elements.

Liuchun Lake is the large rare wetland in the south of Yangtze River. Liuchun Lake wetland is formed only under the very the volcano geology and geomorphology conditions. It's radically distinctive and without equal in the wetland resources of our country, also being of high scientific interest.

The most spectacular scene inside is the mountain mists when it set in to rain, the clouds of heaven on a sunny day. From the top of the hill, you can see no words but mostly meadow. The ground levels out at the top of the mountain.

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