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Charming Longfeng Lake in Hebei

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Longfeng Lake gains momentum by the mountains and takes its name from the water. The surface of the green and transparent lake has an area of 600 acres, the mists and waves could stretch far into the distance. The lofty and beautiful Qinglong Mountain rises 266.7 meters above sea level. As visitors climbed to the top of the mountain, a grandiose landscape could unfold before the tourists.

Longshan pavilion and Wangshi pavilion could offer a brief respite for travelers. Nothing could have been more charming than standing on its summits, looking westward with the surrounding mountains and overlooking eastward with the provincial city. The top of Fenghuang Mountain is 197 meters above sea level, as of the colorful phoenixes expanding the wings and rising skyward. The overall scenery had gained a singular charm.

Local legend has it that the heroic woman Mu guiying the Northern Song Dynasty once lodged their tents there, and left many beautiful stories and legends. Located in the southwest of the scenic spot, Longfeng Lake was originally one small lake in Guanchong lawn. The Nijiang reservoir built in the winter of 1958 contained Longfeng Lake, and later renamed into Longfeng Lake, with the water storage of 2,625 acres.

The still water of the pellucid and translucent lake mirrored the shapely figure of the mountain. The densely forested mountains on both sides of the lake were shrouded in mystery and unfathomable. At the end of Longfeng Lake is one swimming pool. There is the original secondary forest all along the river banks. There're the luxurious phoenix and dragon yacht, the wooden boat and bamboo rafts.

Rowing and fishing on Longfeng Lake had a unique lingering charm. Longfeng Lake scenic spot is the identifiably important tourist attraction with excellent natural tourist resources in Shijiazhuang. Two mountains of Qinglong Mountain and Fenghuang Mountain could stand facing each other across the river. The lake and the hills really add radiance and beauty to each other.

One lake between two mountains, shaped like one green dragon playing in the water, the Chinese phoenix flying with the wings open, achieves its finest artistic conception of prosperity brought by the dragon and the phoenix. There're mainly 6 functional zones including the aquatic activity recreation area, Qinglong tourist area, Fenghuang tourist attraction, the amusement park, vocational village and botanical garden. Each of the functional zones has distinctive features of its own.

Longfeng Lake scenic spot is the modern, multi-functional and diversified beauty spot that had gathered sightseeing, holiday, recreation, wilderness camping and outing in early spring merging into one organic whole. Its northern shore is Qinglong Mountain while Fenghuang Mountain on its southern shore. Longfeng Lake got its name because it was between these two mountains.

The main peak of northwest-to-southeast Qinglong Mountain with a long history rises to a height of 266.7 meters, which is just like a huge dragon paddling in the water among the rolling mountains. Far in the distance lies the Fenghuang Mountain as of the Phoenixes, a vast expanse of misty waters could unfold before visitors. 

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