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Charming Ma‘ao Pool in Zhejiang

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Ma'ao Pool is located at the northeast of Damen Island, which may fairly claim to be the first scenic spot of hundreds of islands in Dongtou where is an island not far from Wenzhou. It also had been long reputed as the Hawaii in Wenzhou. Within the tourist resort area of dense forest, winding sandy beach and a forest of grotesque rocks, the gorgeous sceneries are too beautiful to be absorbed all at once.

The scenic place is blessed with the elegant and modern European style villas and lovers' wooden huts full of taste and style, fisher cottages saturated with sea island, a large fully equipped recreational facilities and service items, which could make you luxuriate and bath in the sunlight more freely. Standing at Chaoyang Street in Huang'ao Township, one can see in the distance the Guiyan Peak.

It's Gui rock synthesized naturally by two huge rocks, which was like nothing so much as the tortoise that was laboring along the road, as if the important task of crawling to the summit were accomplished and doesn't have to go further. Thus the tortoise was facing or moving forward towards the east and standing firm, basked in the warm glow of the radiant morning sun.

The story goes that Guiyan Peak is the product that had turned from the Heavenly Queen Mother's playing turtle's egg, thereupon the Fairy Mother Queen brought a basin of fairy water and poured out, and thus the fairy turtle standing still and finally turned into Guiyan Peak. Moreover, the back of the turtle had been watered and channeled into one pool. So far the water of the pool at the back of Guiyan Peak never runs dry all the year around.

Gui rock with the altitude of 335 meters, its western side is the perpendicular cliff. The south side is a level piece of ground. Inside the temple is a busy and crowded place of worship for Buddhists. The scenic site of Stone Monk resembled the monk of carved stone, with finely chiseled features and wearing by prayer beads. As with the popular legend, it's regarded by some people as the personification of Baoyan.

Of great interest among them is a poem of Stone Monk written and inscribed by the ancients. Ma'ao Pool is one multifunctional tourist holiday zone that had gathered vacation, touring and conference center merging into one organic whole. The Shanban Rock shaped like the small boat for a 360-degree panoramic display could be watched from every angle by dozens of people simultaneously.

Sitting on the rock, people could view from a distance the full extent of the gate, very comfortable. The beauty of darkness in the Ma'ao Pool scenic spot is very charming. The beauty spot is truly the tourist resort for photographing and sketching. The scenery of Ma'ao Pool attracts the people by its pretty and calmness. There're many kinds of extensive tourism complementary infrastructure facilities including villas with a distinctive elegance, looking the sea out at the window, which enabled visitors to enjoy an unobstructed view of the ineffable beauty of the scenery. 

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