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Charming Mount Dapeng in Zhejiang

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Youngor Dapeng Mountain tourist holiday zone is located in the Longshan Township of Cixi City in Zhejiang Province, which is the first diversified tourist vacation area under the careful creation of Youngor Group as the significant and individually-run enterprise of China.

Dapeng Mountain tourist holiday zone had gained more and more widespread acceptances for its abundant natural and human landscape, perfect tourist facilities service, which had a strong influence on the surrounding cities, with the speedy development of popularity and influence.

It had been classified as one national Grade AAAA tourism scenic spot in 2009, also the eco-tourism area at the provincial level in Zhejiang Province, the civilized tourist area in Ningbo City, the first leisure and tourism base in Ningbo City and the drive-travel and mountain bicycle base in Ningbo City. It had often cited as the best tourist area in Ningbo City.

Dapeng Mountain was originally named the Fragrant Hill, got its name because the mountain was prolific in the production of herbs. Thus when the First Emperor toured this region for a fifth time in 210 B.C, and he marveled at spectacular and pretty landscape with the sky and the waters being merged with each other in Dapeng Mountain, detached Xu Fu and from then on go out to sea and investigate the Penglai Fairyland for the last time, thus renamed the mountain into Dapeng Mountain.

Of what took place after this, the Historical Memoirs gives no account. There's one saying gone around among folks. Xu Fu with his large fleet and virgin boys and girls eventually landed in today's Japan, which made Dapeng Mountain become the successful launch place on the Xu Fu navigating eastward and thus it became famous worldwide. Xu Fu navigated eastward Korea and Japan and so on, which made him become the forerunner of initiating cultural exchanges with other countries, great culture and economics messenger, the first navigator sailing far across a sea in ancient times according to historical records of China.

Dapeng Mountain also became the sacred place of descendants of Xu Fu from all corners of the world who paid respects and recalled the ancestors. Dapeng Mountain as the renowned historical mountain in East Zhejing, is blessed with the famous product of historic culture that is the site of Xu Fu Navigating Eastward, now widely known both at home and abroad like Japan and South Korea.

The historical civilization legend of Xu Fu Navigating Eastward for thousands of years had not only witnessed the story, more often worthwhile dedicated your time to going for it. Dapeng Mountain tourist holiday zone is the tourist area that combines recreational and entertainment, beautiful natural sights and historical and cultural relics that revolved around Xu Fu Navigating Eastward.

The tourist area had gathered natural mountains and waters landscape, historical human and modern amusement. We climbed to the genuine fairy mountain and land of the covenant; take a pleasure trip to the shore of holy water, which fully demonstrated the connotation and foundation of Happiness and Longevity culture in China. 

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