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Charming Mount Panshan

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Panshan Mountain is 12 kilometers to the west of Jixian County in Tianjin City. Like a snake, it winds across the Bejing City and Tianjin City. It is the key national scenery well-known scenic spot. Panshan Mountain stands majestically on the east of Bejing city. Panshan Mountain is one of the top fifteen tourist attractions and destinations in China in history.

Panshan Mountain is well-famous both at home and abroad for its reputation as "No.1 Mountain in East Bejing." Panshan Mountain which in ancient times was also known as Xuwu Mountain is in many zigs and zags and its appearance looks like a dragon, thus gets its name from the Chinese for Panlong Mountain. It is a spur of Yanshan Mountain range, with an average elevation varying from 400 to 600 meters.

The colorful view of Panshan Mountain is delightful in all four seasons. Each year as spring is turned into summer, there're always lush plants and myriads of flowers, and one hundred kinds of flowers contend in beauty. While it conjures up a vision of cloud-shrouded peaks and secluded after the rain in summer. Summer rain offers incomparable beauty and endless glamour for the Panshan Mountain with a boundless green bamboos, innumerable valley tenderness and matchless pretty.

Autumn had ended, the cold was setting in, autumn brings with it the sweet scent of assorted fruits, a patch of gorgeous crimson leaves are the most charming autumn scenery. During the severe winter, the mountain peak here is a postcard landscape of pristine snow. Ranges upon range of green pines were so beautiful that I wanted to shout and dance and sing for joy.

Each far-stretching range on either side is superb; each of these peculiar peaks has its own uniqueness and personality. Over the centuries, nature-lovers have given them high praise, which without doubt could add poetry to our beautiful landscape, and poetry of infinite variety. Its highest peak Guayue Peak rises 864.4 meters above sea level with the total area of 20 square meters. The most striking and typical geographic feature of Panshan County is its spherical weathering, with lots of craggy stones and steep peaks. Dense woods, countless streams and deep gorges make Panshan Mountain a nice destination for numerous wild animals to live and inhabit.

There are many places of interest in the region of Panshan Mountain, such as the famous Three Spiral Positions. The pine trees of Panshan Mountain mostly grow and tuck away in a crack on the underside of a rock. Despite the fact that the dramatic pines of Huangshan are very famous at home and abroad, those pine trees that only grow along the steep cliffs or precipices in their infinite variety of forms could have been especially astounding, unlike the pine trees of Mount Panshan.

There're numerous weird and unaccountable stones all over the mountains and plains in the middle spiral position. There're a hundred springs with high rainfall in the lower spiral position. The splendor of the Three Spiral Positions was beyond anyone's imagination.

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