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Charming Mount Yonglong Forest Park

 2014-08-28    Young    Sights    Chongqing    2073  

The grand Mount Yonglong is located at the Yonglong Mountains in the west of Nanchuan District in Chongqing City. The Mount Yonglong region is blessed with the good mountain vegetation. The air around the scenic spot was comfortably cool. The environment of air in Mount Yonglong is fresh and clean due to large amount of negative ion of oxygen in the air. Thus it is called "Natural Oxygen Bar."

Mount Yonglong is without doubt the ideal experimental plot for exploring an innovative model of the overall arrangement of urban and rural development in the nearby suburbs style. It is also an ideal place for the demonstration zone of the inhabitable cities. Mount Yonglong forest park occupies a ground space of 33,7 hectares.

There're green trees alternating with the pasture on the Entrance Landscape Plaza occupying a land area of about more than 30,000 square meters. Among which the colorful flower sea all the year round with an area of 20,000 square meters is spread widely all over the square. The green trees coordinated with each other across a great distance with red flowers.

The major tourist attractions include the mountain-climbing trail at a length of 4.5 kilometers. It might take 20 minutes to walk up the stone steps of a tree-shaded path and reach the top of the hill. A leisurely walk up this trail will reward visitors by taking a deep breath of fresh air made by the original forest oxygen bar with the area of 280,000 square meters.

As we climbed to the top of the hill and stand on the eight lookout pavilions like Yonglong Pavilion, the whole city fell under our eye. Leaning against the railing to see in the distance and you will keep the wonderful scenery of the whole Nanchuan district in view. Beyond this, there are numerous scenic spots with interspersed areas of the Emerald Lake with an area of 8,000 square meters, basketball court, badminton court and the Children's Park.

The splendid scenery with many historical interests and fairy tales makes the place become the ideal destination of ecology sightseeing traveling, body-building and amusement in the nearby suburbs of the city. As the story goes, many years ago, there was one stream at the western foot of the Yonglong Mountains that was running down the hills along the narrow gully.

There're vast expanses of downhill fertile fields on each side of the grass-fringed stream. Mount Yonglong forest park is the first start-up project with the high class residential zone of ecological modern town, well-equipped five star hotels with excellent service standards, the driving range, the busy shopping street of national amorous feeling and modern sightseeing agriculture, which is completely free and opening up to the general public and many tourists.

Mount Yonglong is like spring all the year round with a warm winter and a cool summer. Equipped with a temperate climate and surrounded by beautiful landscapes, Mount Yonglong forest park could offer unforgettable natural experiences and a broad range of delights.

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