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Charming Mount Zhuoer in Qinghai

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Zhuoer Mountain belongs to Danxia landform that could be the continental red bed landform with escarpments, which is composed of red sandstone and conglomerate. Zhuoer Mountain is located in the Babao township in Qilian County, adjoining Babao river and across the river from the holy mountain Niuxin Mountain in the Tibetan-inhabited area.

Standing on the top of Zhuoer mountain that is one high place affording an extremely good view of the beautiful scenery, you could see the wonderful scenery with no shelters around. There's Niuxin Mountain that provides you with a full view of delightful scenery in all four seasons on the opposite hill. The left and right sides are Ladong Gorge and Baitanggou scenic spot respectively.

On the back is the rolling downy Qilian Mountain. At the foot of this mountain is the swirling and eddying Babao River like the white Hada around the county town. The beautiful scenery greets the eye wherever one happens to be in Zhuoer Mountain, as of a fairyland on earth, which is really restful to the spirit.

The story is going about that Zhuoer Mountain and Niuxin Mountain as the magic mountain to safeguard the Qilian is a pair of very affectionate lovers, waiting silently on both banks of Babao River, jointly safeguarding the length and breadth of Qilian. According to the old tradition, Qilian County could be blessed with green hills and clear waters, stout and strong flocks and herds and rich productive resources because the queen from the dragon community was keeping guard over the secrets of the rich, the Dragon Lord is the master and symbol of fortunes in the traditional ideas of Tibet.

Legend has it that the princess in the dragon community was deeply in love with the Mountain God at an accidental meeting, preferring to offend the rules of the heaven, broken through the barriers and finally married to the Mountain God. Although the couple of the Dragon King were heart and soul against their marriage, she still decided to remain on Earth, across the river from the Mountain God, surely she paid a heavy price for it to become the rocky hill.

Once on the Qilian County, numerous tourists will certainly want to climb the Zhuoer Mountain that is the base of sketching and creation-oriented tours for writers, poets and artists. At the top of the Zhuoer Mountain was the richly green grass. The place was thickly dotted sturdy and verdant Qinghai pine and cypress trees.

Zhuoer Mountain had become the key tourist area in Qilian County, which had displayed the present's life outlook of Qilian with the unique ecological environment and excellent geographical location. Qilian had the impressive and glamorous scenery as same as Zhuoer Mountain, like that upstanding and self-confident pine tree growing on the Zhuoer Mountain.

June could be the best traveling time in Qinghai. The rape flowers in Qinghai were bursting into blossom at this season. There're large stretches of yellow fields of rape flowers at the foot of Zhuoer Mountain. 

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