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Charming Qingren Gulf in Sanya

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Qingren Gulf also known as Jingxi Gulf got its name because it was nestled at the foot of Luhuitou Mountain that was the Love Mountain in Sanya at the southernmost tip of China. Qingren Gulf and Sanya Gulf could face each other across a great distance. Farther to the south, the Gulf winded its way far from the city. Qingren Gulf that also belongs to the coral preserve is a small flat blue calm of the bay.

There're more than ten crescent shaped beaches of all shapes and sizes in the Qingren Gulf. Each of the beaches has distinctive features of its own. Many kilometers of the gentle and broad platinum beach is blessed with white and soft sands and crystal clear seawater. The beauty spot also boasts steady current, moderate and clear seawater.

The floor of the ocean is prolific in the production of the large corals. The fishes gather in large numbers and breed quickly. Thus the scenic spot is the ideal bay for deep-sea diving, relaxation and angling in a yacht. The place is far away from the coast, with extremely little environmental pollution. The seawater is limpid with crystal water. The island with luxuriant forests and pleasant scenery serves as an ideal place for leisure and amusement.

Anyone who stayed very long around the crowded and noisy city, would feel the elaboration of being remote from noise, dust and soil, if they come to the beautiful and relaxed Sanya, view the leisured fishermen and the fishing boats flickered to and fro on the sea. The master here is fond of touring and loves nature.

Standing on the beautiful land, the breathtaking view by the sea looks from afar like a traditional landscape painting that embodies all the beauty of Sanya Bay. There're many beautiful inns on the place. Tiannan inn is located on the beach of Qingren Gulf, leaning against the hill and facing the sea. Without the crowds of visitors in the beauty spot, the inn had the peaceful fishing village and beautiful sunset out of the hustle and bustle of the cities.

The sea is right in front of it, which can make you real to experience personally to face the sea, with spring flowers blossoming. The lonely island in the distance, fishing boats by the sea, villagers picking cockles and passersby taking photographs could create a unique landscape. You could walk out the door and look around the whole view of "Guanyin Bodhisattva on a Sea Island" in Nanshan Temple, which is only around the corner.

These waters in front of the inn are the coral preserve under special state protection. The courier station by the sea would make you feel at home and stay a memorable one. The courier station would also bring you the renting experience that varies somewhat from the hotel. Here visitors could live together, go out together and taste the delicacy together. Here you could get a view of the seascape, appreciate the gleams of pale light and listen to the lap of the wave against the rock.

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