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Charming Tuanbo Lake Scenery Area

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Tuanbo Scenic Spot also known as the nature sanctuary for birds is the provincial-level nature protection area for birds, with the total area of 60 square kilometers. Among which the water surface area accounts for about 51 square kilometers. Blessed with a wide variety of aquatic resources and aquatic animals, the beauty spot has many superior conditions suitable for the living and habitat of various kinds of birds.

Located in Jinghai County in the southwestern part of Tianjin, Tuanbo Lake could be the large plain reservoir built in 1978, which occupies a ground space of 98,000 acres and the annual storage capacity of 100 million cubic meters. The lake had the large bodies of water, vast expanses of marsh, a huge variety of fishes and the beautiful and quiet environment.

Over 40 kinds of precious birds and migrating birds dwelled on the lake, which was dedicated as the Tuanbowa nature sanctuary for rare migratory birds. Tuanbo Lake is located in the geothermal belt of Wanglanzhuang, with abundant geothermal resources. The temperature of the water at the mouth of the geothermal well could reach 82 degrees centigrade.

The geothermal water contained adequate amounts of all the necessary trace elements required for healthy growth and activity, which could not only offer heating, glasshouse planting and aquiculture, but also offers the service of health care, health and vacation. Focusing on the beautiful Tuanbo Lake, Tuanbo Lake Scenic Spot was gradually established, which could form the comprehensive tourist attraction that centres about recuperating and spending holidays, aquatic recreational amenities and sports.

The birds in the reservoir account for over 38 families and 164 species. Among which the precious birds of national first class had 3 kinds including white stork, black stork and bustard. During the spring and autumn every year, thousands of migrating birds passed by and rested in the lake. It's the comprehensive tourist area that has gathered tourist holiday, blissful body-building and tourist agriculture merging into one whole.

The reserves of the hot water could even reach 8.4 billion cubic meters, 900 meters far from its original landing site, which had a certain curative effect on chronic gastric ulcer and had extremely high medical care value. The lake is featured by its immense expanse of water. The Lake District is the vague vast sweep of star-gemmed water, which is hereby designated as the bright pearl in North China.

Around the lake is the land with the area of about 132 square kilometers. Apart from the waters of Tuanbo Lake, the place had the farmland in part and large areas of wasteland, which was suitable for tourism development. The work station of Tuanbo nature reserve for birds had been carrying out the researches including the ecology, the distribution of species in population and the quantities changes of rare birds.

They regularly organize the interviews of the bird resources, grasp the wax and wane situation of birds resources as well as the routes of the annual migration of birds, in order to take full advantage of the birds in Tuanbo district. 

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