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Charming Xianshan Lake Beauty Spot

 2014-10-08    Young    Sights    Zhejiang    1464  

Xianshan Lake scenic spot is located at the westernmost tip of Changxing County, with the extremely superior regional location and quietly convenient transportation. Xianshan Lake scenic spot consists of two parts including Fairy Mountain and Fairy Lake. As the old saying goes, "Mountains are famous for living saints." Fairy Mountain with the height of about 162 meters, shaped like the Japan's highest peak, Mount Fuji. It's not very tall, but nonetheless three provinces could be looked up and down for miles around.

The mountain's not very wide, but nonetheless has the lush and verdant landscape all over the hill. Fairy mountain could be impregnated with the fine spirits of the universe, with the ancient but mysterious stories about Fairy mountain, particularly the story after the palace revolution of Silla country in the early Tang Dynasty, the prince of Silla country became a monk in the place and finally became the Earth Treasure Bodhisattva, which the story could lend the irresistible charm to Fairy mountain.

History has the old saying of small Fairy mountain being existing before the large Jiuhua Mountain. What this means in practice is that the Earth Treasure Bodhisattva in Jiuhua Mountain came out of Fairy mountain where was also the ancestor court of the Earth Treasure Bodhisattva. "Waters gains miraculous for residing dragons," the fairy lake is located on one side of Fairy mountain, the water surface accounts for 10 square kilometers.

There's the long causeway running across the lake from east to west, which has divided the whole lake into north and south areas. The branches of the willow trees were dancing in the breeze and gently swept the surface of the water, which could be comparable with Su Causeway on the West Lake. The crystal clear water was exceptionally pure and refreshing.

Below the There's one mysterious ancient channel and the sinkable ancient village for long time, the village is just exactly as mysterious as Fairy mountain and Fairy lake, which had the small gecko that the local people called as Chinese alligator as old as the dinosaurs. Yangtze alligator is regarded as the national-level endangered protection animal.

Because Fairy mountain is blessed with the extremely excellent natural environment, the place not only became the great rendezvous of a great number of water fowls, but also the extremely rare swans could dwell on the place, which could be the natural ecological phenomenon that is extremely rare to see. Xianshan Lake scenic spot is the most convenient passage to the entrance of the long ecological corridor in the northwest of Zhejiang.

Xianshan Lake scenic spot has the extremely excellent ecological environment, where vegetation, wetland, animals and culture could create a complete and orderly chain of ecology. Xianshan Lake is not only blessed with the beautiful lake view, but also the largest wetland in the northern Zhejiang, with unique geomorphologic landscape and a wide variety of colorful and luxuriant living creatures. Here visitors could not only experience the ripples of water waves but also have close contact with those rare animals. 

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