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Charming Xiushan Island Scenic Spot

 2014-09-15    Young    Sights    Zhejiang    2012  

The beautiful Xiushan Island Scenic Spot that is located in the east of Daishan Island centers about Xiushan Island. It's composed of 35 islands and islets in total. The land area of the scenery zone is about 23 square kilometers. The coastline of the whole island is 40 kilometers long. The area is mostly the rocks, sandy beach and mud, among which the sandy beach covers an area of 747 acres. The green coverage rate of Xiushan Island with green hills and clear waters will reach over 73%.

Xiushan Island is certainly an important part of scenic resort and historic site of Daishan. The story is going about that Xiushan Island was originally the Fangzhang Island that was one of the three fairy isles on the sea, which had long been known as the Shangri-la on the sea. The small Xiushan Island, featured by uneven terrain, is densely wooded and boasts many picturesque caves. Xiu Mountain is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese.

Depending on its own special capacities, the scenic spot conducts the featured programs with the seafood in many ways. Here you could have a number of participatory programs including maritime operations, outdoor seafood BBQ, special ocean aquiculture and fishing place and many more. It is a beauty spot with the combination of dynamics and statics. It's also the colorful seaside amusement park with profound folkway on a sea island.

The slippery mud theme park is located in the northwest part of Xiushan Island, facing over thousand acres of gently shallow offshore waters, with its back against the provincial-level wetland nature reserve. The region boasts its unique geographical advantage of location and abundant natural scenery resource. The garden design pays attention to the nature and art united in harmony, which offers the popular place of amusement that has gathered tourist holiday, rest and refreshment, science and education merging into one organic whole.

The garden is divided into three activities function areas among big, middle and small one. It's mainly engaged in the tourism project that focuses on the theme of mud. They made history with the introduction of this kind of theme in the tourism in China. The famous Lanxiu culture museum is located on the north side of Xiushan Township of Daishan County. Its predecessor was the exhibited art gallery with the potted gardening of exquisite bamboo root carving.

Lanxiu culture museum is not only a composite reflection of the rich history and culture in Xiu Mountain but also the vivid description of the local customs and practices and great historic innovation of Xiu Mountain. The Xiu mountain sandy beach complex in the crescent form is blessed with the gentle slopes, yellow sands and clear seawater.

Especially in summer and autumn of every year, huge numbers of fishes deposit their eggs in the beaches and the rocks. Visitors could take the boat on the sea to catch some fish. Visitors could take care of the roasting themselves; taste the freshest seafood delicacy, which would give you unforgettable enjoyment. 

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