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Chengdu - A Unique Existence in China

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The reason why it was called as a unique existence is that though every city in China has been busy in changing their original images to correspond with the modern society, it still keep its slow and steady development pace to enjoy its own life just and forceful as if he is an old man who has experienced so much and want to enjoy the silent life in the late years; it has the composure of seeming through the life just like a cup of tea, low key and quietly elegant, without any aggressive and tense aroma, but it can mild you from throat to deep heart.

There are many good names of Chengdu, one of which is the Land of Abundance, it is a city with highest happiness, but you can sense it only you've been there. It is said that Chengdu is benefited by the Dujiang Dam which was built by Li Bing and his son 2,000 years ago, they two integrated the anima in Qing Town together to irrigate Chengdu Plain and maintained the good harvest in Chengdu area. With days came by, spirit, energy and divinity shaped by Dujiang Dam has built a unique and ancient historical cultural city.

Tea Houses

The leisure in Chengdu is not because there are too many idler people, but for citizens their know how to link their work lif and living life together. They will go to the tea house no matter meeting clients, doing business or signing the contrasts, working while enjoying the life. Tea house if the representative and shadow of Chengdu people, take a cup of tea and sit behind the tea table, tasting life and appreciating the passing by people.

Spicy food of Chengdu

In 2010, Chengdu was regarded as the first world City of Food in Asia by UNESCO(united nations educational, scientific and cultural organization), adding a forwarding sense to Chengdu. The most famous food in Chengdu includes Couple Lung Slice, Mapo Tofu,  Long chaoshoui, and the hot pot shops filled in streets, as well as other Sichuan street food such as Spicy and Hot, one thing is that people who go to Chengdu will taste the Hot pot, little difference will be existed in the hot pot shops, therefore, you can go one shop occasionally.

If the busy life makes you annoy and you want to get rid of this life style, go to Chengdu and live their for several days, idler around the ancient city, taste the food and spend some time in the tea house, calm down your heart to experience the leisure of chess and fall snuff.

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