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Chengdu Jinli Ancient Street

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Chengdu Jinli Ancient Street is part of Chengdu Wuhou Temple Museum.It is a 550 metres long pedestrian street,reconstructed with Ming and Qing architectural style.As the  famous pedestrian street in Chengdu, Jinli Ancient Street has a reputation of "First Street in West Shu Kingdom".It cover an area of 30,000 square meters.

This area consists of four main areas including bars and entertainment area,Sichuan food and snack area,hotel inn area and tourism handicrafts exhibition & shopping area.You can fine many great open teahouses, theaters, wine shops, hand workshops, arts and crafts stalls, snack stands across the whole street.It's a livly and interesting street.people relax themselves and meet friends here.Jinli is a place total grassroots, local and homely,a place where you can experience authentic Sichuan life.

Different kinds of folklore performances like traditional wedding, folk music,folk fashion shows will be held during the traditional festivals every year.According to different festivals,there are different themed activities,such as eating dumplings contest in the Dragon Boat Festival,themed activities in Qixi Festival(China Valentines Day) and so on.

If you love Chinese cuisine,you should not miss the authentic Sichuan cuisine in Jinli Ancient Street.The famous snacks include buckwheat noodles,three guns,crisp beef cake,yellow glutinous rice and so on.The sweet water noodles,cool noodles,braised food in Sexiangwei is pretty good.You can also try fried tofu and potato here.

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