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Chengdu Lantern Fair, Ambilight Year of the Dragon

 2012-02-06    CTA    Sights    Chengdu    3291  

The streets were decked out with all kinds of lanterns, and vendors were selling all kinds of couplets and blessing pastes.

Only at this time people began to feel the New Year has come really.

People in the city also began to get busy with preparations for New Year, going home and family reunion.

At this time, the Chengdu Lantern Festival will cast a warm color for Chengdu, and also bring the festive atmosphere.

The 44th Chengdu Panda Lantern Festival was grand opened on January 20, 2012. Of course, this year's Lantern Festival theme is based in the dragon, and we could also see the Three Kingdoms, panda, and other themes lanterns. What’s more, there was the water curtain movie.

the entrance…


The green road was arrangement into the seabed corridor.

The elements of the Dragon were showed everywhere.

New look of the Jiutian Building in the Tazishan Park

Nine Dragon were more vivid under the light

Nine Dragon

Three Kingdoms theme lights

This is composed of cups, plates and bowls.

Lake water curtain film

make a close-shot 

Filled with murals of festive lanterns

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