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Chengdu Travel Guide

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When is the best timing to Chengdu?
Spring and autumn are the best timing to Chengdu. These two seasons are suitable to travel around suburban Chengdu. The temperature is cozy. Chengdu is located at basin area, thus it can be pretty hot in summer. In winter, Chengdu can be quite cold. But because Chengdu is located at southern China, most places of the city don’t have heating facilities (a common circumstance for southern China cities).

How are the food and drinks there?
Chengdu is dubbed the heaven of great food by Chinese people. However, the food tends to be greasy and spicy. Maybe it is difficult for some people to adapt. Fortunately, as a major city in southwest China, you can easily find various genres of food there.

How is the weather there?
Chengdu is located at a basin, thus cloudy day is very often. The humidity of the city is high all year round. People like eating spicy food to sweat. They believe that it is good for dispersing the dampness inside their body. Summer is muggy.

How is the living expense there?
The living expense in Chengdu is relatively lower comparing to other major cities in China. The expense near the sight areas is higher.

Slow pace and relaxation is the norm that Chengdu people live by. This is quite different from that of Beijing or Shanghai. It is advisable to live your life as a local here. Drop the haste and slow your steps to better experience the liveliness and tranquility of the city.


Lounge at the tea house
Find a tea house by the street or river, or in a park. Sitting on a long rattan chair and sipping tea, watching people outside passing by. Sometimes there are people telling stories or singing Chuan Opera in the tea house.

Play mahjong
It is well-known to Chinese people that Chengdu people are mahjong enthusiasts. Walking on the street, you can probably hear the sound of mahjong a lot. Many people play it outdoor. Even if you don’t know how to play, it might be a nice experience to watch and learn.

Have your ear picked
Chengdu people see ear picking as an enjoyment. Thus there are people working as professional ear pickers. It is highly recommended to try it out. You can find this service in the park. Famous tourism spots also have this but the price can be a little higher.

Watch Chuan Opera
Chuan Opera is a big deal in Sichuan culture. It is also of great significance in Chinese traditional operas. Changing faces is one of the features of Chuan Opera. 

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