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Chengkan Ancient Village in Anhui Province

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At the south foot of Mount Huangshan Scenic Area, there situates an ancient village called Chengkan Village. This is a village has a history more than 1,800 years. Though this typical Hui-styled village is not that famous as the renowned Hongcun and Xidi Village, Chengkan has its own characteristics and tranquility.

Chengkan Village was built nestling the surrounding mountains and rivers and has a perfect combination between the nature and architecture. With its long ancient history Chengkan has numerous ancient architecture and historical relics remained, among which what stand out are those ancient architecture from Song, Ming and Qing Dynasties. These architectures are not only outstandingly featured in Ming and Qing styles, but more importantly in the localized Hui style. White walls and green tiles are always the themes, but they are also constructed with rich shapes and contents. Collected with pavilions, towers, bridges, ancestral halls, wells and folk houses, these architectures have fully demonstrated the elegance and delicacy of Hui-style buildings with the decoration of carvings and sculptures of wooden, stone and brick.

Chengkan Village is reputed as “the first Fengshui Village” in China. The location and construction of Chengkan Village is based on Chinese Fengshui theories. The peaceful and tranquil natural environment and geographical advantages is the foundation of the village construction, while the Fengshui theories and local culture is the messenger for the village. The village was built to meet the most harmonious state among human, nature and local culture. Streets and alleys of the village are paved with antique granites, lying among the well-proportioned folk houses and architectures. But these houses and streets are more like a mysterious maze that stretch to every corner of the village with special views. When in Chnegkan, the feelings of peace and tranquility may get you back to the ancient times from the outside modern world.

We may travel for the best intriguing natural scenery, or the most inspiring historical sites, or the unique local culture and customs. But to know more about ancient China, to experience the charm of Hui-style architecture and culture, Chengkan Village is a top destination.

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